Pope Francis in a “town hall” TV broadcast on ABC [Fr. Z]

While I am confused about why ABC (and not other networks or all networks) was*given a special privilege by the Pope’s handlers for a special TV “town hall” event, there was a good moment.

It was packaged by the network with teasers as if it were reality TV. *I haven’t watched regular network TV (with its commercials) for quite a while, but wow … just… wow. *I feel a little dumber now.

Anyway, in this “town hall” we saw the human condition on display as it might be anywhere. This was supposed to be a lead up to Pope Francis visit to these USA. Most of what happened was not especially important for expressing something about these USA,even the illegal immigrant part…. sorry… ABC called themundocumented.**

However… there was a golden moment.

He congratulated a young single mother who made the choice for life for her unborn daughters. He said that she could have killed them but she respected the life in her womb and he thanks and congratulated her for making that choice… in sincere and strong wordsand emotion.

Emotion ruled the day, it had a liberal agenda, and it was not a little manipulative, but that’s all we can expect in the MSM now. *They took the usual tack that this is the first Pope who has ever smiled… ever said a kind word… ever kissed a baby… that he’s the most wonderfullest fluffiest Pope ehvur! *Gosh, he’s so humble. *And thing with the nun… meh. *God bless her for her work. *The timing… meh.

But that one moment… was gold.

I can endure a lot of for a moment like that which ABC was*pretty much forced to broadcast.

On another network last night, Fox, there was, simultaneously their expose about Planned Parenthood.

It was a good day for babies on American TV.

Full video HERE *for the golden moment, tune in at about 19:00 following, if nothing else.

I’m interested in your reactions to the ABC thing. *I haven’t seen the Planned Parenthood thing on Fox yet.


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