Pope Francis invites Bernie Sanders to speak at Vatican conference


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is making a one-of-a-kind campaign stop — at the Vatican.

The Vermont senator was invited out of the blue Friday by Pope Francis to speak at an April 15 church conference on social, economic and environmental issues.

Sanders will then return to New York for the final days of campaigning before the April 19 primary.

While a Jewish socialist from Brooklyn and an Argentine Catholic pontiff sounds like an odd couple, Sanders said the two shared similar views on many issues — particularly the economy and specifically the 1% of America’s wealthiest people.

“He’s talking about the idolatry of money, the worship of money, the greed that’s out there,” said a clearly thrilled Sanders in a Friday appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program.

“He’s trying to inject a sense of morality into how we do economics. And we need that, absolutely, desperately.”

I would say that Pope Francis has found a kindred spirit on the American political scene. :wink:

Or not.


The office of the pope moved quickly to distance the pontiff from Sanders’s visit. Father Federico Lombardi, the Pope’s spokesman, said Sanders had been invited “not by the pope but by the pontifical academy of social sciences.” Lombardi told the Italian news agency Ansa: “For the moment there is no expectation that there will also be a meeting with the pope.”

I dunno if they’re kindred spirits either. I mean, Pope Francis is pro-life and pro-charity.

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