Pope Francis is Amazing


I can’t read enough articles on Francis to be further inspired that the spirit of God is upon us; a humble Vicar brings Christ to the world. :slight_smile:

I will admit that even though I am not a Catholic, I admire Pope Francis greatly.

Washington Post is horribly anti-Catholic. The article is trying to present Pope Francis as something he is not, in order to further their anti-Catholic agenda :frowning:

Just the Washington Post? You ought to read the Chicago Sun Times. :wink:

Well there, they have said a few good things about Fr. Phleger who is working very hard to put the end to violence on the streets. . :wink:

Oh yes, of course, most of them have an anti-Catholic agenda. Very sad stuff :frowning:

We can leave it at dont trust any non Catholic news source for information on the Catholic Churc. Anyway, Pope Francis is amazing. I can’t help but think that God sent him to help renew faith in Christ.

So what else is new?? Pray for them and all media. God is still in charge, even if they think they are!!! God Bless, Memaw

The media for many years attacked whoever was the current pope by comparing him to a falsified view of Pope John XXIII. They ignored 90% of what the real John XXIII taught on contraception, sexual matters, sin, the liturgy, and many other topics. The real John XXIII (like the real Pope Francis) believed a different religion from the Washington Post.

The article in the Washington Post is not really trying to affirm Pope Francis, it’s designed to attack traditional Catholic teaching and the Magisterium; the same Magisterium affirmed by John XXIII and Pope Francis.

Fantastic post, the bolded is perfect :thumbsup:


Sorry, I did not mean to offend. Here’s another article in Catholic News.

Francis drew a Christ-like crowd around 4 million for a Mass in Rio :heaven:

I like him a lot, too. I don’t understand this quote, though (attributed to him in the article you linked to): “We don’t yet have a truly deep theology of women in the church,” he admitted.”

Because then I think of everything the Church has had to say about the Virgin Mary, plus Mary Magdalene, Mary and Martha, the incredible array of female saints, and I think, “I’m pretty sure you do have a deep theology of women.”

Sometimes he confuses me.

I felt like that a short time ago. However, since his “who am I to judge” statement I’ve cooled off a bit. He seems to have bought into some secualr rhetoric (that to condemn homosexual behavior is to “judge people”). At the very least, he laid himself open to be misunderstood.

Our Holy Father just oozes such JOY from every pore.

What is more important than being the personification of Christ to the world?

Like when he says this:
"The madonna, Maria, was more important than the apostles, bishops, deacons, and priests.* Women are more important than bishops and priests**."* forums.catholic.com/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=11059491

The first sentence makes sense, but that second one?

Well, he can’t express in one sentence the whole of Christian theology on this issue. :slight_smile: I think he wanted the world to know that the Church does not reject anyone for their faults or disorders. We all have those, God knows. It’s really just the same idea of judging the sin but not the sinner. We cannot condemn anyone who struggles with a besetting temptation, no matter what it is. Anyway, that’s what I got from it, but then, I, like you, have a fuller understanding of where he is coming from then the secular press who inflate any statement the pope might make they think will help them sell their copy. :shrug:


This is it. Sometimes its like he’s just begging to be misunderstood. I dont understand it :confused:

I agree.

I would stay away from secular media newspapers when it come to reporting on Pope Francis. Time will tell…some are looking at him to relax so called strict Catholic teaching…but when the time come that he disappoints all those people…we will see their true colors.

I agree…he is awesome!!!

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