Pope Francis is heading to Ireland in the midst of scandal. It may be his toughest crowd yet



good on him


It’s times like these I really appreciate EWTN’s live streaming coverage. Just now I’ve been watching the Holy Father meeting with the President of Ireland.


Did you see the Pope meeting our Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Varadkar?


Good for the Holy Father for visiting Ireland. I wonder if there are loud crowds protesting and if so if they are distinct from the Pope.


I wondered about this. How the man/woman on the street in Ireland honestly feels about the Pope’s visit and this whole ‘families’ meeting, given what has happened in terms of scandals and cover ups in the Irish RCC over the last 100 years. It is awkward, for believers and detractors, faithful and lapsed. Can you imagine - it may be harder and harder for the Church to find welcoming nations/crowds to hold their conferences about how they can save us all from our sins, strengthen our communities. Ireland, the US. What if they hold a party and no one comes, not even the press? A sort of irrelevancy, post-irony. This is where most of Europe is at (France, Italy, Germany, Spain, etc.), South America might work- maybe Africa is a possibility? China?


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