Pope Francis Issues Motu Proprio on Vatican Finances

Pope Francis Issues Motu Proprio on Vatican Finances


A couple days ago I was listening to a friend of the Pope who was talking on the radio. She said she had talked to the Holy Father over the phone recently and had thanked him for the focus he was putting on the Vatican´s Bank affaire. The Pope replied. “Pray for me and hang on, I´m barely getting started with this issue”.

Please don´t exegete my words as english is not my first language and it´s not meant to be a literal translation of his words, just posting them as I recall them being told by this person.

I never would have noticed - you’re grammar is perfect! :slight_smile:

That should have been your first clue. Native English speakers don’t have no good grammar. :smiley:

You are too kind :slight_smile:

You are too mean!:smiley:

Who’s grammar?

Everyone is grammar. :slight_smile:

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Well, there you go Canis, everybody will exegete my grammar instead! :stuck_out_tongue:


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