Pope Francis joins penitents, makes his confession at Vatican basilica [CWN]

Before hearing confessions in St. Peter’s basilica on March 28, Pope Francis surprised his aides by making his own confession. As he was being escorted toward the confessional that had …


I saw this on the European stream in EWTN, looked beautiful, hopefully their prayers along with ours help those people who have left the church, those who are in the outside, and those ho don’t believe come with the Spouse of God.

Here is another article regarding the story.


May God continue to Bless the Pope

Here’s a picture:

Leading by example…I needed this reminder today.

Nice to see.

Lots of people still don’t know that the Pope can confess to any priest as we all do! I get this question from lots of non-Catholics and a few Catholics as well.

What an awesome example to all.

Here is video

The Pope setting a wonderful example of confession. So humble

I felt great after my confession this morning

The confession lines this morning were astounding at the place I went. Glad to see that video.


I wonder what his penance was. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m becoming Catholic, so I don’t know a lot about how confession works with the Pope. But, the media is portraying this like Pope Francis is breaking Tradition (again). The Pope has always gone to confession. Correct? So, he isn’t breaking Tradition at all.

Also, they mentioned that he was breaking protocol of some kind. Is this just the media overdramatizing everything or is there a rule that says the Pope can’t go to confession in public? :confused:

This is one where the media will be hard pressed to screw up IMO.

Yes, that’s right. I think both John Paul II and Benedict XVI were said to have gone weekly. Traditionally, to a specific priest confessor whose name was not published.

Also, they mentioned that he was breaking protocol of some kind. Is this just the media overdramatizing everything or is there a rule that says the Pope can’t go to confession in public? :confused:

If there is a rule, it’s that the pope can do whatever he wants. :wink: But, I don’t think this sort of spontaneously walking over to a priest for confession has been done by a pope, at least not in recent times when their every move in public is recorded. Usually, it is done privately.

For once, the media is not entirely off on the Pope. The Pope usually goes to confession privately with a Conventual Franciscan priest. I cannot even think of a Pope that went to confession in public with just an ordinary priest.

Sure, it is not “breaking tradition” for the Pope to go to confession: that is an obligation of every Catholic. But, in a way, it is “breaking tradition” for the Pope to go to confession, in public, to an ordinary priest.

I personally think Pope Francis set a great example. There is a common misconception that the Pope doesn’t have to go to confession, and this basically refutes that. Plus, this might bring some Catholics back to confession.

:rolleyes:Once again this very humble and holy priest is showing the entire world what being a Catholic is all about! I think that in the next several months we will watch as he cleans the Vatican of more and more dead wood and open the doors to our Faith wide open - emphasizing the Gospels given to us by our Lord and the works that go right along with them. The hierarchy that stubbornly refuses to move away from their rule-driven view of the Church will be left sitting at the curb, right where they belong.

Wow what a great photo op to show off humility! Yeay Pope Francis!!

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