Pope Francis just Excommunicated the Mafia

Mafiosi are ‘excommunicated’, pope says:

“Those who in their lives follow this path of evil, as mafiosi do, are not in communion with God. They are excommunicated,” Pope Francis said in impromptu comments at a mass before tens of thousands of people.

Please explain the remifications of this action by the pope.

Thank You

It might get somebody’s attention to realize that he needs to amend his life. That’s probably what Pope Francis was hoping for (remote as the outcome may appear).

He probably referred to a latae sententiae (automatic) excommunication - people who live a gangster lifestyle are likely to be guilty of any number of sins which carry an automatic excommunication. In this case, these people would already be excommunicated before the Pope made his remark. Nothing in the English wording precludes such an interpretation.

The other type of excommunication (ferendae sententiae) is imposed by an ecclesiastical authority. There’s usually a trial, and both sides get to make their case in a process specifically defined in Canon Law. The Pope is not subject to Canon Law, so he could impose a ferendae sententiae on a whim. But, from what I know about this Pope, I consider that unlikely. It denies due process and many would thus consider it unjust. Social justice is not an area in which this Pope has proven to be weak.

As far as actual implications, even if it was intended to be ferendae sententiae, it is not actionable (ie, the Church could not take action such as refusing the Sacraments to anybody) because it is not specific enough (it names no names). This is another reason why I doubt the Pope intended to pronounce a ferendae sententiae - it would be a pointless gesture.

Furthermore, a ferendae sententiae is considered a solemn thing. In the past, when Popes have done this, it was always in writing - never in an offhand remark.

Good work Pope Francis!

Inspiring! You have to stand up to and confront evil.


It looks like he made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. :cool:

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

By embracing a life of crime, these men have excommunicated themselves. His Holiness has only made it public. Nothing more.

I wonder… are these Mafiosi embarrassed that the pope publicly denounced them? Why would they care more today than they did yesterday?

I will pray for Francis’s safety. I certainly would like to see his pontificate continue on it’s present course without interruption…

Wow. Don’t let him go out without his popemobile now, please.

A little boy of about 4 was just murdered recently in Italy, I think his mother and her boyfriend also died and that the boyfriend was a mafia target, maybe Mafia himself. It was another atrocity which apalled Italy and anyone who heard about it. I think Francis is really identifing evil for what it is despite being glamorised heavily by television, movies and popular culture.

Apparently there are mafiosa who are very religious and caring about God and his things. Mafiosa are often very family oriented, they hold women in esteem, especially their wives and esp. when their wives have children.

Their business is morally wrong, however, including ending other people’s lives, but they
practice a set of ethics and morals and values along with that, when they kill, they repent,
and ask forgiveness,…etc…They hold marriage sacred, and believe in life long marriages, etc. They will beat up men who physically hurt women, ie wife beaters,.etc. They apparently are ‘family men’. living a life of ‘gang’ life.

They probably made a gift of something to the CC and the pope may have refused it, money, probably?

ie. if a man in their ‘gang’ has a mistress and a wife, and the wife finds out and is hurt, the others in the gang will go and end the man’s relationship with the mistress, for him, and tell him to go home to his wife.

Although they honour and value women and children,…if a man crosses the mafia, ie breaks a deal with them,…or double crosses, they will kill him for this and his family, which
is, according to their rules, a known thing that someone double crossing them risks, if they do it. It is one of their rules that people know about.

My saying they have values and ethics and morals, they are those according to their rules,…they are Mafia ethics and rules, diff. from morals and values based on the bible and God.

They do have their rules, though,…and they live by them,…a code they act on and all the gangs know their code and know the penalties for doublecrossing, or breaking their code or rules.etc.

apparently some of them make regular confessions and attend church all the time,…

I know all about the supposed “code of honor” some of these men hold dear; but wrong is wrong.

I can be a fantastic family man, chivalrous, and even give to the Church; but if I am a murderer - even if those murders are committed to earn money to provide for my wife and children - I have still broken a commandment and have committed a grave sin.

Even if I have my confession heard by a priest and receive God’s absolution; said absolution requires HONEST repentance and a SERIOUS commitment to try and NOT commit that same sin again. Otherwise how could God grant His absolution? How many of them are committed to not stealing and not murdering?

I don’t know how well you understand the Sacrament of Confession; but for it to be valid, there must be a desire and a commitment on the part of the penitent to change his life for the better. It is NOT NOT NOT a get-out-of-jail-free card.

Very funny!

Talk about doublecrossing, i think it’s really painful though. How should people deal with this issue if one of their friends doublecross them?

Half the Italian population are in the Italian Mafia.

The pope will not be receiving any favors from those guys! :cool:

Mafia members are excommunicated, Pope Francis said in a dramatic homily delivered during a one-day trip to Calabria, a stronghold of the notorious ?Ndrangheta crime …


Like the move by the pope, now people cant say well the RCC has the support of the mob. Guess what their not part of the church.

Irrelevant…some of the Nazis did something similar but the outcome is always the same. Sin…judgement.

Irrelevant to this topic. We are told to forgive 70 times 7…

And would never ask for any…:thumbsup:

Yep, but the point is that this calls all of them to rethink their lifestyles and change their ways. If they are really serious about their faith, then this can draw many of them into new life in the church and lead to their salvation. A goal that we all can hope for and rejoice in, which is the important thing.

I will invoke the St. Michael Prayer now for Pope Francis as well as the Mafia guys who need to get right with God and come home.

***Saint Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,
by the power of God
cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits
who prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen. ***

Nice one Pope Francis!

It would be nice to see moderate Moslem leaders speak out against the actions of the Moslem Mafia(Islamist Extremism). It’s takes courage to be outspoken in the face of the threat of revenge and retribution. Good on you Pope Francis.

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