Pope Francis May Be 'Too Liberal' For House Republicans To Honor


"A bipartisan resolution written to honor Pope Francis for his work towards social justice appears to be mired in Congress, reportedly due to his reputation among Republicans as being “too liberal,” according to The Hill. The pope is expected to visit the United States in 2015 for the Catholic Church’s World Meeting of Families, which will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), a Catholic, warmly invited Pope Francis to address Congress in a statement made in March 2014. However, House Resolution 440, which recognizes the pope’s “inspirational statements and actions" and congratulates him on his election, was referred to the House Foreign Affairs Committee in December 2013 and has been languishing there ever since.

Out of the 221 co-sponsors of the resolution, a mere 19 are GOP members. A Republican supporter of the bill told The Hill that the lack of enthusiasm could be due to the belief that the pope is “too liberal,” a perception drawn largely from his criticism of unfettered capitalism and trickle-down economics as well as his calls for a more equal distribution of wealth."

Is this a joke? How can the Pope be too liberal? That’s crazy.

If there is an ounce of truth to that article then Republicans nor their staff have read Pope Francis’ evangelii gaudium.

Pope Francis is too liberal for a lot of devout Catholics. I know when Pope Benedict XVl was in power, very conservative Catholics were really happy because he liked to dot every i and cross every t. He loved the pageantry and I could see how Catholics could be attracted to that. Conservative Catholics told the more liberal ones to just suck it up you owe allegiance to the Pope.
When Pope Francis was elected he like to play a little looser with the rules. It was all the devout Catholics could do not to criticize him for what he did; wash and kiss the feet of a few Muslim women. The shoe is on the other foot now and you have to respect the Pope just as he is. He is someone who will be changing the church in the coming years and you may not like some of the changes. I can see that he could allow married priests on a limited basis. Be prepared for a few liberal ideas coming from the Pope Francis. He understands compassion for all people, not just the ones who agree.

His liberal faults in their eyes come from his economic views and some of them are way left of the republican platform. If bendict is conservative for a pope its fair to say this pope is very liberal in comparison

Nothing coming out of the mouths’ of GOP congressmen and senators surprises me!

In ways, I see where our Holy Pope Francis is coming from. It is a bit of a South American view, an Argentine view of things. You have to take this into consideration.


“Argentina Declared in Default by S&P as Talks Fail”

This too needs to be considered.

Argentina one more very wealthy country I would think without knowing the particulars.

His heart is in the right place. I think he’s great but we will see.

Honestly, when I clicked on this I expected to see that someone was fooled by satire, but nope.

Obviously, many liberal House members don’t agree with him on everything either. And frankly, if your religion falls along any party lines you have a problem. But c’mon, this isn’t about economics! Can’t these people at the very least recognize that Pope Francis is a head of state who is actively working to help with one of the most serious problems facing humanity-the often violent gap between the west and Islam?

The only way anyone could think the Pope is too liberal is if they didn’t read his exact words, but depended on the main stream anti-Catholic media for interpretation.

This whole “unfettered capitalism” gets me frustrated. The Pope is NOT talking about the United States. He’s talking about 3rd world nations who are using capitalism without the regulations and safeguards that America put into place during the industrial revolution to protect human dignity.

You know, things like child labor, slave wages, unsafe working conditions, no middle class, etc.

I cannot believe that you are posting the atheistic Huffington Post on a Catholic website.

No they can’t because both the Republicans and Democrats in Washington put party politics before being an American or doing the right thing.

I can’t imagine a Catholic doing this - it must be Protestant or agnostic/libertarian etc., conservatives. And this is assuming it’s true - this is the Huffington Post after all. They go out of their way to slant against conservatives. I’ve never seen a fair article out of them. I would be surprised if this is actually happening. I preferred Pope Benedict, but I do also like Francis. We are all too quick to project politics onto popes. Benedict was no free market fanatic; Francis is not a socialist. This isn’t a tennis match.

A very traditional Catholic friend of mine always says that when the end of the world comes and Jesus returns to judge us, He is going to look at Pope Francis and say “Uhh Frank…please see me after the meeting!” :eek:

Why are threads started with articles from Huffington Post allowed but not threads started with articles from Lifesite News or Breitbart or National Review? I have started threads with news articles from those sites but have been warned not to,because those sites are regarded as blogs,not news sites. But Huffington Post is as blatantly about commentary as those sites.

Christ would be too liberal as well, so he’s in good company. :slight_smile: Really, though, he’s considered liberal simply because he’s critical of the mafia and outspoken about the inherent evil of money, all while attempting to reform the Vatican’s bank. Republicans take it as a personal affront when someone criticizes the mafia!

I’m not aware of any “Catholic” politicians who actually share our faith. Most range from cynical pragmatists to outspoken pseudo-gnostics, and none of them are conservatives.

Would you really expect non-Catholics to investigate too deeply into what the Pope actually meant?

That’s also assuming what he means IS different from the way it’s characterized. Personally, if a reporter consistently misrepresented me in the press, I’d stop giving him exclusive interviews. In his most recent (third) such exclusive interview, the Pope is cited as attributing pedophilia among the clergy to priestly vows of celibacy, and calls the celibacy vows a serious problem that needs to be addressed. At least that’s what the man the Pope trusts with representing him in the media says…

Let’s see here, so politicians don’t approve of the Pope enough to endorse him…well, GOOD! I would be much more disturbed if the opposite was true.

If you look throughout history, the best Popes stood for the Church, which almost always was at odds with politics. Remember how popular St. Pope John Paul II was with the Soviet politicians?

As low as US politicians have stooped, I would be disappointed if they approved of the Pope.

Social justice is only useful to politicians to raise emotions during speeches. They are typically only interested in supporting those with special interests (and the money to back it up). Everything in US politics is either ‘right’ or ‘left’ now. There is no middle ground or common good or common sense. There are only Democratic special interests pitted against Republican special interests. The rest of us don’t really matter.

(formerly “lutheran farmer”)

Uh-huh… :cool:

…while i do hate this highly politicized world we live in, where global media outlets influence populations into liberals and conservatives, the Pope is neither lib or con. He is non-political. The Church is non-political. The only opinions the Church has is on social issues, which is because these deal directly with human beings.

…but there are no scientific or political opinions through the Church -therefore there is no politics. Just charity and truth. Thats all.

I would like to know who the 19 Republican members are who have signed this and how many Catholic Republicans there are in Congress.

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