Pope Francis Must Resign: Archbishop Vigano

In a nutshell the former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States says that Pope Benedict sanctioned McCarick in 2008, prohibiting him from travel, retiring him to a life of prayer and penance and that Francis - despite knowing from Benedict what McCarick had done - re-instated McCarick to full privleges and made him point man to the Obama Adminstration.


Vigano is saying Francis should resign and it’s hard to see how he will survive.


the link doesn’t work.

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Broken link. If this is true it is HUGE and you should be able to find multiple valid links from countless sources… because this would be front page headlines.


On the link there’s is a place to visit home page of the website. It is the first story on the homepage. I do not know how to post a link, but if you can explain it to me I will or hopefully someone else can do it.

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Fixed the link

fixed the link

If these allegations are true, that not only did the Holy Father relax the sanctions against McCarrick but also sought his advice on the appointments of +Cupich and +Tobin, it is truly damning. If this article is credible, the Holy Father has a PR disaster on his hands that makes me want to vomit. I pray and hope this is not credible.


I disagree. Traditionally, popes serve until they die.

Assuming the story is true, Francis wouldn’t be the first pope to make a serious personnel error.

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Following this and praying. I’m so sick at the moment. Not sure what to do now. I already had one foot out the door. This might be the final straw for me.

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God told us in Sacred Scripture that we get the religious leaders we deserve. What do you think we deserfve right now, 13pollitos? Where else can you go? Who else has the words of eternal life?



This is serious…

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It would be a disaster for Pope Francis to resign.

But if it were to happen, I pray we’ll get a pope perhaps even more progressive than Francis.


I am seriously considering Orthodox. Maybe the path I have been praying for God to show me is that they have been the true church all along. This is not happening immediately. I am still praying and fasting. It breaks my heart. I will not leave the Eucharist. However, the Orthodox also have the Eucharist. I just cannot see how it is good for my soul to be in Communion with these bishops at the moment. I am clinging to Jesus and bearing my soul to Him. I trust He will make the correct path bright for me to follow. I absolutely love all the good people here who have been so about supporting one another during this horrible time. All of your hope as a collective group has helped me take things slow and remain steady for now. I trust that there are enough truly good people here to save our Church if we stick together. I am praying that is what God wants of us and that He will provide the way.

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Watching… :worried:

I left the Orthodox Church to become a Catholic. Our Lady didn’t appear to 3 Orthodox Children at Fatima. Or at Lourdes. The Church is the Church and we live in extremely difficult times. Please don’t leave.


Where is this passage?


Please just no :frowning:

Ummm… not the last one.

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First let me say that all these child abuse scandals make me sick. I don’t think the Church has handled it right in the past, and I still think the hierarchy has a long way to go. There has never been an excuse for it and there still is no excuse for it. I don’t mean anything I am about to say to diminish that in the slightest.

But Popes throughout history have done much, much worse. Also, I’m suspicious about why this Vigano was saving this up. Did he have it in for Francis and was just waiting for the right time? He and other cardinals, as well as Benedict himself, have known about this for a while. Why bring it up now? Is it because the Church is vulnerable and the time is right to bring Francis down? That would be a greater offense than anything Francis is accused of.

I have my reservations about Francis, but this doesn’t change my view of him. He is still the successor to Christ. His managerial, political and social positions are subordinate to that. If we believe in apostolic succession, we have to support him. If something like this overshadows apostolic succession, then that concept should have been thrown out long ago.

  • Stephen VI dug up his predecessor’s corpse and put it on trial.
  • John XII was accused of homicide, perjury, sacrilege and incest.
  • Boniface VIII said pedophilia was no more problematic than “rubbing one hand against the other.”
  • Sixtus IV had a kid with his sister.
  • Innocent VIII had lots of illegitimate children.
  • Paul IV ordered horrific acts of anti-semitism
  • Pius XI authorized the Vatican Secretary of State (who would later become Pius XII) to sign the first formal recognition of, and cooperation pact with, the Third Reich
  • And don’t get me started on the Borgia popes!

So either you believe, like I do, that imperfect men can carry on apostolic succession, or we need to fold the whole Roman Catholic tent and do something else.

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