Pope Francis new humanism?

I honestly don’t have a problem with this I don’t think he said anything bad so why does this nun think it’s bad?

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I didn’t watch the video of Mother Miriam because it was too long, however I’ll try to watch it later when I have time.

Was there something in particular that you found troubling regarding her critique of the Pope’s Global Educational Alliance?

After reading the article, I personally am not a fan of what was written regarding this new educational formation. The language, as usual is very ambiguous and talks about inclusiveness and less division, with the goal being a more welcoming society.

I’m curious how our Catholics teachings and doctrines are going to fit into this new “inclusive & welcoming” society.


She said it’s an attempt to control the population of the world and it’s a new humanism not the one that god gave us

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She said it will be distructive and immoral, she also said it’s like an alliance with the devil

She also said Christ was not mentioned in the article it has nothing to do with Christianity and it’s like what the communist tried to do

The Vatican is convening an assembly of leaders and thinkers, many of whom are not Catholic or Christian. That might explain why Christ was not mentioned. Be that as it may, it does not threaten to “wipe out Christianity,” as the good sister fears.

Pope Francis is talking about making an effort to talk, negotiate, and work with other people as fellow human beings rather than political parties and economic classes. It’s a great idea and it may be what we need in order to make the world a better place and more effectively evangelize to all peoples.

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I gave a quick look at the Global Compact on Education and see that " on the 14th May 2020, Pope Francis has invited to the Vatican the proponents of the main religions, the spokespeople of international organizations and various humanitarian institutions, of the academic, economic, political and cultural world. Together, representing the inhabitants of the Earth, they will sign the «Global Compact on Education» , a global educational pact, which each one will undertake to implement in their area and disseminate as much as possible."

This isn’t about Catholic education. I guess it doesn’t reference Christ because it is about promoting education among non-Christians also. It is not an evangelization event. It is not, as far as i can tell, Pope Francis divorcing Christ from education. And calling for a new humanism isn’t a bad thing. Humanity/humanism is in constant need of renewal.

Made me go back to Jaques Maritain among others…Also placing the “ person” at the center , a Christian world view as different from the Communist and Capitalist worldviews.
Times when the news were not our only sources , and libraries thrived …Books and books to read and learn , the best.
Thanks, Beryllos .


‘The Peasant of the Garonne’ …my introduction to this man. His name raises many good memories.

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It does to me too…very good ones.
Haven t read that one you mention …
Integral Humanism, Introduction to Philosophy…That second one was for Admission exam to my Catholic University. Then we continued reading him .
Hillaire Belocq… and each and every book from the Leviathan, to the Social Contract, from the Prince to St Augustine, from Aristotle to St Thomas, not summaries, but the whole books.
Memory lane! And a great one! :hugs:
Wrinkles come for free! :slight_smile:

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A fellow book-worm, I see.

I had a great friend…a Brother Guy Jarrosson, of the Little Brothers of Jesus in Leeds. It was he who introduced me to Maritain. Guy was a former French naval officer; but…as a Brother…worked as an operator in a chemical works (the Congregation’s ministry lies in manual work). Guy was a sharp cookie, who loved debate! I once cooked a meal for the brothers. It was grim. But it made an impression…Guy mentioned it…twenty years later! Sad to say, there is no LBJ presence in Leeds any more.

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Guy drove a battered Ford Cortina. His brother was a horse trainer in Chantilly. One day, they arranged to meet in a lay-by near Newmarket…and from there to the races. Guy arrived first - in the Cortina. His brother arrived in a chauffeured Rolls Royce…and escorted Guy to the Owners’ car park (having to persuade several security officers to allow Guy through). Guy told me about it and, with a wide grin, said:

And there were all the cars, lined up…Rolls Royce…Bentley…Bentley…Rolls Royce…Cortina…Bentley!

Bless him.

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:blush::joy: God bless him !

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Thank you so much. He was among the very best…apart from his not appreciating my cooking!

May God reward you for your kindness.

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Notice the great empathy deficit across: one’s own boarders, for the other side of the town, for the other political party, for the ghetto on the south side of town, and more.

In a world of proposals for ethnostates, the banning of entire religions from entering, the literal war on entire groups, actions that almost constitute genocide, this make sense.

Tolerance, when it is not Relativism, makes sense to answer the question “How ought we to live Together?”.


“Tolerance is the virtue of a man without convictions” - G.K. Chesterton

I’m skeptical of this ideology that inclusiveness means everyone gets a seat at the table and we are to leave our faith and doctrines at the door.

I’m tired of hearing about the social justice aspect of what our goals should be as a Church. Everyone is brought together under the umbrella of ecumenism while we strive for a better society and in this case it appears that we are participating apart from Christ.

If this is a secular plan or conference, with no reference or intent to include Jesus Christ, then why are we participating?

If you want a society to be more welcoming and caring, then its emphasis should be on Jesus Christ and as a Church we should be leading the charge.


i don’t feel like it’s a bad thing, because the pope said it, he’s a good man whatever he says is good he would never lead us astray he’s a man of God

Paragraph 1: Tolerance as defined by the hiding of faith is not what I wish to convey. Rather a mutual understanding that neither of us have the capacity to convert the other combined with a knowledge that we will have to live in the same world together, outputting a mutual understanding that the other person is not an adversary.

Paragraph 2: Ecumenism as a response to the following is useful for mutual respect of all religions.

Paragraph 3 and 4: I agree that their is not good reason not to include Christ. Jesus meeting the Woman at the well and not calling her an adversary could have been useful.

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The world will be a better place if there were more saints.

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And there will be more saints if we make the world a better place!

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