Pope Francis new humanism?

I do not know why the OP used humanism. Humanity is not humanism. Jesus was not a humanist just because he taught the beauty of the Golden Rule, nor told us that when we welcome a stranger we welcome him.

Mother Mariam referred to it as humanism?

I remember the rector of my University mentioning this event at the begining of the semester, saying that Pope Francis was “gathering young economists to make a more humane economy” and said it was a opportunity for the students.

I remember thinking, if the Church and Pope Francis manage to be mentioned various times in a positive way, by the authorities of a public and secularist University, with pro-choice and anticlerical students’s parties; then I think it’s a good opportunity for Evangelization!

Also, as other said, it will serve to make a more concrete distributist proposal in today’s politics.


Holy smokes! When did Nuns begin to align the Popes motives with Satan and communism? ( With a toss in of Hillary Clinton’s," It Takes a Village," which I assume is comparable to Satan and Communism also). It is very disappointing and depressing. This Life Site seems to promote this kind of vitriol every time I encounter them.


Love one another as I have loved you. This is how they will know you are my deciples.
Let’s believe him

I too was shocked with what Mother Miriam had to say. It’s also unfortunate that she has so aligned herself with LifeSite news. I will pray for her and her fledgling order…

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No, that word came directly from the Vatican News story cited in the OP. Here it is, in the context of the whole paragraph; the bold emphasis is mine:

Next, Pope Francis called for summoning up “the courage to capitalize on our best energies”. The status quo should be replaced by giving education “a long-term vision”, to create a new humanism. The result, he added, will be “men and women who are open, responsible, prepared to listen, dialogue and reflect with others, and capable of weaving relationships with families, between generations, and with civil society.”

Bear in mind that this is an English translation, and may have lost a more nuanced expression. Either Pope Francis or the translator may not have appreciated that the word humanism carries a strong negative connotation in Catholic discourse.

It’s a daring choice of wording, but nevertheless, given the context, I understood “humanism” in a good and faith-affirming sense, as I tend to seek and easily find the most favorable understanding of anything Pope Francis says or does.

Of course I understand that humanism often refers to philosophies that deny faith. Therefore it would be entirely understandable if some CAF readers could not immediately think of humanism in any other sense. Allow me to quote additional definitions/usages from two different dictionaries:

devotion to human welfare : humanitarianism

interest in the welfare of people

Integral humanism( Maritain),Christian Humanism, Populorum Progressio Pope Paul VI, Social Doctrine of the Church Pope John Paul II…
Humanism as from our perspective comes along these lines so… maybe that is why it doesn t call my attention, personally…not really new for those of us with a Catholic background or maybe yes, a little extra formation in this area,and conveying this to the people in general.

Here is St John Paul II:
“Consequently, it becomes today all the more necessary and all the more urgent to put forward the values of a total humanism, founded on recognition of the true dignity and of the rights of man, open to cultural solidarity, as well as to social and economic solidarity among persons, groups and nations, in the consciousness that all humanity has the same vocation in common.“


"Social Communications and the Promotion of Peace "

[Sunday, 15 May 1983]




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