Pope Francis New Letter on Amoris Laetitia


Just came across this little article on Pope Francis’ recent letter on Amoris Laetitia from CNA. He doesn’t really say anything that he hasn’t said before (especially in Amoris itself), but the additional press attention, I believe, will give further insight into how we as a Church ought to be reading and interpreting the document.



This quote at the end of the article is a point I’ve been trying to make all along, and that Pope Francis actually mentions explicitly a number of times throughout AL:

“It seems clear to me,” Petri said, “that, for example, chapter 8 is about helping couples in complicated and painful circumstances to move towards a regular situation, for their own benefit. It is not about trying to regularize the irregular.”


And here’s a link to the Pope’s complete letter.


I’ve felt for awhile that he was trying to play a wolf in sheep’s clothing role in the following sense.

By being overly accepting in tone and glossing over the hard facts of the situation some might he draw to attend. Where we could then hope they would experience genuine conversion. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that as such.

But I don’t like hearing all the anti Catholic news outlets saying the church is changing her teaching.

I’m quite happy with this result where traditional Catholics will see this affirmation of tradition when they look for it but since it doesn’t seem to be getting a huge amount of press the Pope’s plan could still work.


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