Pope Francis ok with contraception?

No idea if this is in the correct place, but here’s my question…today, my husband (who is a baptized but NOT practicing Catholic) was all excited that he heard the Pope was considering lifting the ban on contraception. Right now we practice NFP, which he feels is absolutely no different than using contraception (I’ve explained the difference in many ways, but he still doesn’t feel it’s different), but it’s what I want to do and he respects that. All I can find is that the Pope said we need to focus on other things right now. That contraception, abortion and gay marriage aren’t the only issues we need to address. I’m guessing my husband is reading into this and thinks that, since the Pope doesn’t have this issue in the spotlight, he is softening to the idea that contraception is ok. I haven’t asked him where he read this stuff yet. Has anyone else read or heard anything like my husband claims he has heard?


Such would be a* fiction* that he heard. (though it is easy to understand given the various misinformation out there in the media)

Contraception is gravely immoral for a married couple to use and cannot be “permitted” by anyone.

And most certainly Pope Francis holds that as part of the what the Church Teaches.

It is from an interview. He is reading into what the pope said. The popes concern was that Catholics are being pigeonholed into being just against contraception, abortion, gay marriage and a few other things. The Christian message is much broader than that. He is also concerned with evangelization, and preaching the gospel. So there is no change in the position of the Catholic Church or of the pope.

Lynn, Lynn, Lynn you should know better than that.

A. Not true.

B. Not possible.

Lynn, it isn’t a “ban” it is a truth of the faith, an intrinsic evil and sin against the 6th commandment. No one can change what is true. Not even the Pope.

I am sorry that he feels that way. I am sure it is hard to do the right thing when your spouse is not on the same page. You are an inspiration to others.

Not exactly what he said, but not a distortion like the media version either.

Too bad he is so eager to believe this. It is nonsense.

main stream media’s inability to accurately report anything.

The media is consistent about twisting the words of the Church leadership to make it sound like the Pope, Cardinals, etc. are going to give them what they want, and in the process, confusing Catholics and non-Catholics alike.


The Pope said he is a “son of the church” regarding these matters.

Oh, I do know better. But he was so sure, I just wanted to see if anyone else saw this. Once I researched, I figured he was reading into what was said. My husband even said to me, “Well, if the Pope gives the green light, you have to obey.” I told him that if the Pope said murder was ok (which he wouldn’t, of course!), I’m not going to kill people. He truly just doesn’t “get it”. He grew up in an anti-Catholic home. Very much your typical southern Protestant family saying we Catholics sacrifice chickens, worship Our Lady, etc… sigh
It is really a miraculous thing that my husband agrees to practice NFP at all! He’s the kind of person who thinks he’s right about everything and I’m the kind of person who doesn’t ever want to argue…and when it comes to the Church, we ALWAYS end up arguing. He can be relentless. Anyway, thanks for your reply. I’ll continue to pray for our marriage!

No, the pope did not say that he is okay with contraception. He actually said the opposite. Here is what he said: “We cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods. This is not possible. I have not spoken much about these things, and I was reprimanded for that. But when we speak about these issues, we have to talk about them in a context. The teaching of the church, for that matter, is clear and I am a son of the church, but it is not necessary to talk about these issues all the time.”

  • Pope Francis, A Big Heart Open to God He is absolutely spot-on. He is building on the message of Pope Benedict XVI, who said the same thing about putting our moral teachings in the context of the broader message of salvation. In fact, this is the classic model of Catholic teaching. St. Thomas Aquinas, in the Summa Theologica, devoted a massive book to the subject of ethics: the Summa Secundae Partis. He doesn’t begin with the Church’s rules against sexual immorality. In his massive book about ethics, he begins with the joy to be found in God, and then he talks about the moral habits that lead us to that joy, and then, after all that, he talks about the moral rules that help us maintain those habits.

What Pope Francis is asking us to do is follow the model of St. Thomas: a missionary shouldn’t talk about moral rules all the time. It turns people off. We mustn’t deny them, and he said he doesn’t deny them (“The teaching of the Church, for that matter, is clear and I am a son of the Church”) – but we don’t have to talk about them all the time because that’s not where the heart of the matter is. The heart of the matter is, here’s what God can do for you, here’s the joy that comes from being a Christian, and once people are at that level they are in a position to obey the Church’s moral rules. But the message of joy and salvation comes first. And that’s what Pope Francis is trying to do.

Per the headline … missing is the critical word “artificial” (or “unapproved methods of”).

Captfun responds in RED

You might ask him for the*** specifics*** that indicate my last paragraph’s take is otherwise. Vague and creative expositions about what the Pope meant to imply NOT being such specifics.

Shorter answer(s) to the headline question: (1) No (not artificial contraception). (2) Yes (He is not speaking of anything new here. NFP etc. are still allowed with the proviso that God is not always to be kept from the three-way covenant in favor of a “no child ever” commitment <sic.

Prayers for both of you. Hope your great example leads him back to practice more in the future. :slight_smile: Again his respect for YOUR living your faith out is a good sign.

http://misslink.org/chapel/events/graphics/img0.gif - On an idealistic note and wish for you both … this is a diagram of a unity. The man and woman would be the circles. Where they intersect there’s an opportunity for intimacy and a further unity with God. Here the Holy Spirit is seen above and coming down, and Christ entering into the heart of the union. When children are considered as a gift and a fulfillment (perhaps even a touching of eternity), the “importance” of committing oneself to “no children ever” even unto using artificial devices becomes rather dwarfed by comparison.

A Pope will not be so dull of wit nor devoid of the Spirit as to equate the two things. Or champion the use of artificial devices and drugs for their obvious purpose. The Church will always call us to the highest of ideals :yup: (or it should!). Not usually unto the level of “Be perfect, as your Heavenly Father is Perfect …” in all instances. But a servant is not greater than his Master. :slight_smile: Love to you both.

Lynne if your husband has this sort of personality and yet cares enough about you to practice NFP all the same…then he must really love you.

As has been mentioned, it’s not a “ban.” It’s a sin against the objective moral order. The Pope is not God. He does not have the authority to change the moral law–it’s not part of his job description. Even if a Pope said it was no longer a sin, it would still be a sin. Of course, this Pope has not said that.

I don’t get how some people treat the Pope like God when they want him to give us a new morality or change the faith in one way or the other, but then ignore him if he doesn’t bend to their whims. It seems contradictory to both give him divine powers and then ignore him.

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