Pope Francis on Apologizing to Gays (And More): 6 things to know and share [Akin]

Pope Francis said that the Church should ask for the forgiveness of homosexual persons who have been offended, during a question-and-answer session with reporters who accompanied him on his return flight from Armenia to Rome.


Another admirable move by this Pope. The Church, indeed, should ask forgiveness of anyone they have offended, as we all should as individuals.

The gift of mercy requires the request for forgiveness, and just as we should ask forgiveness, we should never forget to extend mercy for those who ask us for forgiveness.

Unless we forgive others, we can expect no mercy from the Lord. This is reiterated, time and time again, throughout scripture.

Then gays should apologize to the Church for infiltrating the priesthood and committing the insidious molestation of teen Catholic boys. The Church is held to blame for this but it is mostly gay men who did those crimes.

Seems to me like Pope Francis is deliberitly trying to destroy the Catholic Church. …Just my thoughs

These remarks certainly are unfortunate due to the media firestorm they will cause and the confusion that will occur among the faithful, but reading the full text of what he said puts it into better perspective; like his “Who am I to judge?” quote, this is being blown far out of proportion by the mainstream media. Although one wishes that Pope Francis would perhaps be more careful about what he says as the world hangs on his every word, but as they say, old habits die hard…

Between these comments, his comments about most Catholic marriages being invalid, and his comments about the death penalty, Pope Francis has had a controversial week or two. I actually think these latest comments are the tamest out of everything that he has said lately. His comments about marriage last week I thought were very troubling. EWTN was having a field day with those statements and probably will have much to talk about this week as well.

…no… no… God is wrong, not the culture of death… :banghead::banghead::banghead:

It is confusing to find all the 'bleeding-hearts" being so noble while simultaneously blind to the homosexual agenda that sought to close out Catholic and other Christian services/businesses by purposefully seeking to adopt children from Catholic orphanage and to demand services (psychological, catering, goods…) from professionals and vendors that were clearly defined as Christians instead of seeking them from non-Christian sources.

Yes, Jesus Commands us to Love our enemies; but, He also Commands that we “go and sin no more.”

As you’ve stated, I also noticed that the victims were if not 100% male almost all male–yet, no one has denounced the homosexual behavior of those who, most probably through a purposeful agenda, infiltrated the Church in order to seeks her destruction from within.

Maran atha!


How is asking forgiveness for anything a deliberate attempt at destroying the Church? If anything it is a deliberate attempt at showing it’s virtues.

Really…titt-for-tatt seems a childish approach to a noble effort made by the Pope.:shrug:

Jesus also asked the Pharisees, “Which is easier, to say get up and walk, or to say, your sins are forgiven”.

The same might be said of your comments: Which is easier, to say Love your enemies, or to say go and sin no more?

I would think, Love you enemies is easier, because besides Christ himself and the blessed virgin, I can’t think of anyone who has gone and sinned no more. And, God knows I haven’t…how about you?

…I think he said something to the effect of: ‘you’ll regret it!’

…I thought that was kind of dark and ominous for a “Pope” to state–specially for his inaugurate speech; yet, time and again he continues to play to the crowd–it is as though Scriptures mean nothing:

4 Adulterers, know you not that the friendship of this world is the enemy of God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of this world, becometh an enemy of God. (St. James 4:4)

…there’s a poster in a neighborhood “church” where Pope Francis is quoted as stating that you do not have to be a Believer to be good and be saved—so Christ died for not!

Maran atha!


Would someone please do more research to explain the cause(s) of homosexuality so humanity can understand and feel more comfortable?? Pretty please??

The media floated the gay gene theory in the 80s but the worldwide Human Genome Project sequenced the entire human genome in 2003 and found no gene for any type of sexuality, even though the mainstream media did not widely report it and many people still won’t believe it until the media says it. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_Genome_Project Or, did the HGP lie about there being no gay gene so that babies with a gay gene would be spared from abortion? Or, how about Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon’s gay-by-choice stance and criticism from the LGBT community against her choice: slate.com/blogs/xx_factor/2012/01/23/is_cynthia_nixon_s_sexuality_really_a_choice_.html Then there’s the research that says that kids who are molested by a same gender adult are many mutliples more likely to become homosexual than the general population. But that would be a Developmental cause. If society is becoming freer and no longer need to fake heterosexuality, then homosexual genes or genetic material should be slowly selected out of humanity’s gene pool over time, but it seems like more people are becoming homosexual unless it’s just the media reporting it. I had 2 high school friends who became homosexual. One resented girls to the point of misogyny. Was this a form of gender xenophobia? If so, should Pope Francis also advise him and those who think like him to apologize for his/their gender xenophobia in the name of equality and justice? My other homosexual friend was adopted and he was the opposite: he sought the approval of girls as friends but wouldn’t date them. HIs case likely results from feeling rejected by his birth mother. This sounds developmental in nature. If homosexuality is developmental, then creating more homosexuals would slow or reverse worldwide population growth and could be seen as saving the earth from a pagan perspective. If the individual knowingly consents then fine, but are young people being romanced into it by the media and academics? My wife is shocked at the number of attractive young men who aren’t chasing skirts. Where’s the current scientific evidence to support a hereditary cause again?

The Pharisees were questioning His authority, which is what this society is doing.

These are pedophiles who committed these crimes.
The victims were underage–the majority between the ages of 11 and 14.


These men felt the calling to be priests as their vocation after much discernment.

Their superiors in the church ordained them, I assume, advisedly and soberly…discreetly and reverently.

How is that “infiltrating”?


A lot of society already does feel comfortable with it.

The media floated the gay gene theory in the 80s but the worldwide Human Genome Project sequenced the entire human genome in 2003 and found no gene for any type of sexuality, even though the mainstream media did not widely report it and many people still won’t believe it until the media says it.

I’ve seen it reported on all over the mainstream media: New York Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine, LA Times, USA Today, Chicago Trib, etc, etc.

… but it seems like more people are becoming homosexual unless it’s just the media reporting it.

It’s that they feel more comfortable being honest about it today, so more are out in the open about it whereas 10-20 years ago they would have hidden it.

There were reports that the oversight of the seminaries was lax.

I think we need to understand here that Pope Francis is not in any way saying we should accept or condone the sinful disordered lifestyle these people have chosen anymore than we would accept and condone heterosexual unchastity but only that the church (all of us) needs to be more charitable in our dialog with LGBTs.

This we can do without compromise and in a Christ-like manner, calling all to “go and sin no more”.

The media has, as always, misrepresented what he said and, if we are smart we can use the discussions that this produces for evangelism. Will LGBT individuals love being told to turn away from sin and embrace chastity? We can only hope, but we can and should be charitable as we all take up our respective cross daily and seek to follow Him.

The problem here is that pro-LGBT people within the church will interpret this as validation of their position that homosexual acts are ok and so is gay marriage. Surely Pope Francis should have clarified his statement a bit more?

I heard an agnostic say recently what a great pope, Pope Francis is. He assumed that Pope Francis had said that as long as you live a good life you will get to heaven, and you don’t need to believe in God or go to mass. Just live a good life and you’re fine. And he thought what a great pope he is for saying that. So now this guy thinks there is no need to follow Jesus.

Then we should always check the context of all such statements even as we check the context of quoted scriptures in messages from n-Cs. Often out of context quotes create misinformation and even false doctrines.

I agree that society has adopted a pro LGBT thinking because the media and television and movies have persistently pushed a portrayal of SSM and LGBT as acceptable and even virtuous, which is, sadly, messing with the young who tend to believe all they see and hear.

Christian charity cuts both ways and we have a duty to unequivocally denounce sin while encouraging all sinners to come to Christ and in obedience to Him, “go and sin no more”.

Interestingly enough, Christ love does not seem to extend to my posts!

Loving our enemies (as I noted I have a few here on this site) is Christ’s Command. But He did not say cater to them nor embellish “feelings” for them. Sin is sin. We are all sinners, hence none of us are pure. But when we subscribe to ‘pardon the executioner, please kill me…’ Is that Christ’s intent?

We, Christians are silenced and overrun by a minority who continue to use governmental bias against Christians to enforce their agenda… and even on Christians sites we are found to be “politically incorrect” when we voice our opinion and are further silenced by the rulers of the forums under the guise of “peace” and “love.” …doesn’t that strike as insincere and askew?

Christ Called (checked) His Disciples when He stated that if their righteousness was not greater than the Pharisees and the masters of Law they could not be His Disciples; yet, not once did He back down about the Truth–not even when faced with Crucifixion.

If I were a thief or murderer (as a profession) there’s no way that Christian love could excuse my behavior; rather, by asserting “poor him” that would only be enabling me to continue in my unrighteousness.

Go and sin no more is the mandate not ‘please try your best but remember God loves you just the way you are, please forgive me for not being more sensitive to your needs.’

It is one thing to offer Christian Love to the world; quite another to aide and abet.

St. Paul stated that he become one with the people in order to win over as many of them as possible; do you truly think that he meant that he joined in their idol worship, libertine lifestyle, and power/wealth mongering?

That is why Christ state that the path/road that leads to damnation is wide and many travel through it while the One that leads to Salvation is narrow and few choose to travel on it.

It is not a matter of me being pure (sinner that I am I will never achieve that); it is a matter of striving, in Jesus, to curb my unrighteousness and subjugate my will to God’s. Yet, if you as a Christian sentinel simply continue to appease me with: “Angel, don’t worry; God understand that you are a weak man; He already gave His Life for you, just do what you feel is right…” your Christian Love has failed because you were simply concerned with being “politically correct” and gaining my adulation for being soooo understanding and complaisant (translation: enabling).

Perhaps, I am wrong. But “go and sin no more” could never mean go do as you please, the world around you will accept you and God will Save you even if you don’t Believe!

Maran atha!


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