Pope Francis outwardly opposes abortion

I know this probably doesn’t come as a shock to anyone but it seems Francis has come out for the first time and publicly opposed abortion. Since many of us on here aren’t just catholic but still oppose this travesty going on in our world, I thought that I would share it on this board. We can all rally together on this topic.


That’s good to hear - mainly for some of my Catholic friends who were beginning to worry.

As an aside, our Catholic friends are organizing local versions of the “Walk for Life” - I’m hopping on a bus organized by the local Parish this next Tuesday with my son and we joining our small voices with our Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ to protest.

I have it easy as I know several Catholics, but I’m sure anybody would be warmly welcomed by anybody who showed an interest.

It’s not the first time. He’s said these things over and over.

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This is NOT the “first time.” And what do you mean by “outwardly”? Using that word implies you think he doesn’t really oppose abortion. :frowning:

Perhaps the OP meant “explicitly” since “outwardly” can indicate a hidden and different stance from the one presented “outwardly”.

But as others have noted this is not something that the Pope has not spoken about before when in fact he has done so since even before becoming Pope.

Sorry didn’t realize he had been so outwardly opposed. I thought I had heard a lot of traditional Catholics not being very happy with him in a sense because he wasn’t as aggressive with his opposition towards abortion. Wasn’t trying to say he wasn’t but it seemed he was silent about it till now. My B. :thumbsup:

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