Pope Francis & Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI meet in the Vatican Gardens, unveil new statue

Amazing and wonderful occasion IMO. :clapping:

*Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI met at the Vatican gardens for the unveiling of a new statue representing St. Michael Archangel, the universal protector of the Church and patron of Vatican City.

Benedict XVI, who was invited by Pope Francis, was welcomed with a great applause. The most moving moment was when the two Popes hugged. They also sat next to each other throughout the ceremony.*


Said with the utmost respect, it still feels strange to see two Popes at once.

God Bless them both!

It’s nice to see how well rested Benedict XVI looks. Yes he looks frail (he is after all 86) but that really pained and fatigued look in his face is gone. I see a man who feels rested and good. :slight_smile:

meant to mention that, too. :thumbsup:

There’s only one Pope. It does feel a little strange, but it’s because we aren’t used to seeing it. The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI gave the Church a teaching moment. Now we know that this is a possibility and within the guidelines of the Papacy.

It is nice that Pope Francis is insisting that Benedict come to public events. It is very clear that Francis is in charge so there should be no whispers about two popes. As long as Benedict feels up to it, there is nothing wrong with Benedict not going to something like the John XXIII/ JPII Canonization Mass. I would say the only concern would be frailty and questions that it might raise.

Gotcha; I know there is but one Pope. Should have stated differently.
To the eyes, at quick glance, two popes!! Strange yet fascinating!

With the changing workload of the pope, I wouldn’t be surprised if resigning becomes the norm. As holy as Pope John Paul II was, I can’t help but wonder if the church would be in a better state globally (at least Europe and USA), if he had resigned 5 years earlier and let someone younger with more energy take over.

Well, maybe, but his demonstration of how to suffer and die was major in bringing me back to the Church. I’m thinking each situation is probably different.

Totally agree! :thumbsup:

Cool statue. I want one in front of my burglar alarm.

The symbolism of this statue is very apropos for the current times.

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