Pope Francis praises charismatic renewal, warns that devil undermines family life [CWN]

In a lengthy address to Catholics involved in the charismatic renewal movement, Pope Francis directed remarks to priests, youth, families, the disabled, and the elderly gathered in Rome’s …


This news is very good for those who belong to CCR. They will be happy to hear this.

What’s CCR?

The ccr is not bad in and of itself. If it was it wouldn’t get support. The problem comes when groups adopt pentacostal worship practices and push Catholic spirituality out the door (ie demonic gibberish tongues, being slain in the “spirit”, and all the other protestant inventions that creeps into many ccr groups).

I think it’s Catholic charismatic renewal.

A few friends of mine have gone to a “Catholic charismatic retreat”, and there was a band playing, and they said that at one point, the people running the event went on stage and said something like “okay everyone we’re going to talk in tongues now” and immediately they started “talking in tongues”.

To me it sounded very forced and unnatural and random and meaningless.

The friend who went there defended this, saying control over your gift is part of the gift, which is why they could do it on demand, and it was just another way of worshipping God and giving him glory. I think they also said that you shouldn’t say it’s not from the Holy Spirit because that’s blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

Maybe her point about controlling the gift is valid. But it hardly seems like a way to worship (“worth-ship”, or “acknowledge the worthiness of”) God. Also it doesn’t seem like it would be blasphemy against the Holy Spirit if you come to this conclusion by exercising prudent judgment through prayerful discernment.

Now, I’m very cautious to make judgments about these things, because that would be related to the sin of rashness. But I’m very, very skeptical about this speaking in tongues thing. And because of that, I’m also very skeptical about that whole retreat they went to.

It’s Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Sorry, couldn’t resist :wink:

That will always be the first association in my mind. Even though they only lasted from '67-'72, and I wasn’t even born until '76!

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal .

Charismatic Movement – Vatican Promotion

Then the marvellous gathering in Rome on Sunday shows that Pope Francis is part of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal

LOVED LOVED that group!!!

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