Pope Francis prays with Israeli & Palestinian Leaders

I just finished watching a Pastor out of California teach that it’s “a waste of time” for ecumenical prayer meetings. Did the pope waste his time? You can fast forward to about minute 23. The message is called With This Mind Pt 4. It aired June 1st.


It’s a fundamentalist preacher, not a Catholic pastor…

The preacher would have a problem with the Catholic Church to begin with, so just ignore him.


Why would you watch or even care what a non-Catholic pastor has to say about the works of the Vicar of Christ?

Didn’t even need to watch and I got this one nailed - ready? “No, he did not.”:cool:

I wonder if we were to ask this pastor if prayer, in general, is a waste of time if the answer would be different ? :rolleyes:

Don’t listen to such drivel. Pray for this pastor.

Bingo. Exactly.

I do realize this but does it mean that God can not speak through this individual? NO! We as Catholics may be bound by the sacraments but God is not bound by them.

I premise my answer with this that I absolutely love our Pope. So now…….my diet is NOT to constantly watch non-Catholics on matters regarding our soul. Without getting into a lengthy response of why I watched it suffice it to say, many things this man said were very valid. I don’t think we should consider ourselves as Catholics as all high and mighty. Remember God will bring down the proud. And Jesus warned the disciples not to tear down those that were performing works in his name. I quote “For he who is not agains us is for us” Mark 9:40. The Vicar of Christ is human and can error.

He doesn’t mention or attack the Pope. I wish someone would watch it and give me and intelligent discerning answer.

When a person speaks against what the Pope is promoting, i.e. spirituality, ecumenicism, etc, then he is not speaking as an authority of the Church which Jesus established through the Apostles and their successors.


He attacks spirituality, at minute 23 which you told us to scroll to. Then he gets into something about not being able to get along with others who are not Christian.

Our authority comes from Jesus Christ through his Church.


It may just be me but when I have time to listen to a speaker to deepen my faith I would choose to listen to what a Catholic has to say.

I follow St Eugene de Mazenod on Facebook, and here is a status update from 2 hours ago where “Ecumenism” is specified. There is much for us to learn through Ecumenism

Now, today, in this thread, which was originally posted on June 17th, I see Ecumenism for a second time.

I have spent my morning today learning about Garabandal and the passing of Joey Lomangino yesterday on June 18th.

What I want to highlight is this passage from a blog I found, while searching Garabandal:

. “The Miracle” will coincide with an important event for the Church that has never happened in Conchita’s life. I do not like to speculate, but she says it could be the union of the Churches. Churches split precisely the July 16, 1054, the date of the Virgen del Carmen. And Garabandal is the Virgin del Carmen. It could be just a conjecture.
(Note: The Virgin said that because of “The Miracle”, the churches would join).

The quote above is talking about Ecumenism, right?

I would also add that on June 8, there was a Prayer meeting at the Vatican to include Jewish, Christian and Islamic Prayer.

My eyes and ears are open, I am paying attention and watching. :thumbsup:

I am new to this… but can’t help wondering… how or what would they pray ??
I mean Pope is Catholic… Israeli are jewish and Palestines are Muslim… !!!

They probably prayed together, but in silence using their own prayers.


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