Pope Francis' Pregnant Secretary Found Dead, Vatican Calls for Investigation

Pope Francis’ Pregnant Secretary Found Dead, Vatican Calls for Investigation

The seven-months pregnant secretary of Roman Catholic Church leader Pope Francis was reportedly found dead at her apartment in Rome, with the Vatican calling on police to investigate the matter.

“Pope Francis had been informed of the death. We are all pained by this news,” said Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi.

The Mirror noted that 34-year-old Miriam Wuolou, who is of Eritrean origin, had worked for years at the Santa Marta guesthouse, where the pontiff lives. Francis had opted to live at the more humble guesthouse instead of the lavish papal apartments when he was chosen as Pope back in 2013.

More at link. She had diabetes, what I’ve read in this, this sounds like something happened with her state of health but we will see what else the stories say. She had been suffering from her diabetes along with being 7 months pregnant.

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Heart wrenching…
Poor lady and baby and family…

That’s such sad news. I’m very sorry to hear it.

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Why would the Vatican call the police if it was only diabetes?

I would think, so nothing would look improper, get the police to look at it.

You mean they call the police every time someone dies of an illness? Id be surprised.

Well, in that, we do not know all of the circumstances so it is important to find out. Have an investigation.

This happened in 2016.


It was 4 years ago. When posting an old story, why not post the results st the same time? :confused:

“According to Italian news agency AGI, an autopsy showed that Wuolou, 34, who had suffered from severe diabetes, died due to a malfunction with her internal insulin pump, which controlled the level of glucose in her blood.”


Thank you, F_ .

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It is an old story but it came out on my news feed, I guess, because it is in February.

If the death was “unattended” notifying authorities is standard.

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Here, the police are always automatically involved in every unexpected death outside of a hospital.


Not here…

This is not notifying authorities. The Vatican has called the police.

Here, police are called when a death is unattended, always. This is a sad situation, but I see nothing nefarious here, and looking for conspiracies where there are none is unnecesssary.

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What relevance has what people do in the US to an event in Italy?

I’m out. Apparently you just want to fight.


We’re not all in the US. I am in the UK.

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In most countries, unwitnessed deaths, even if from apparently natural causes, must be reported to the relevant authorities and investigated by the coroner or medical examiner. If she died alone in her apartment, an investigation would the normal course of events. Nothing to feed silly conspiracy theories here.

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