Pope Francis releases balloons for peace after last year's doves were attacked

Pope Francis ended a Vatican tradition of releasing doves for peace in St. Peter’s Square, swapping in balloons for the winged creatures on Sunday after a surprise attack by a seagull and a crow last year had animal rights crying foul.

“Here’s the balloons that mean, ‘peace,’” Francis said, as children in the square released pink, purple, white and green balloons, including a hot air balloon with messages for peace.



Thank you for posting this. I think that was smart of Pope Francis, not only because of the animal rights groups, but also the superstitious people - especially Catholics- who tried to say it was a sign or omen.

Except now the environmentalists are going to go crazy…

Balloons can cause problems for those in flight, also. Nice idea, though.

Let me get this straight----animal rights groups were angry about other animals attacking othe animals?


say what?

Also, because that’s what St. Francis would have done. :slight_smile:

It might have been. Who knows the mind of God?:shrug:

the crows (or ravens?) attacked the white doves because they were hungry and needed to eat

i agree with Pope Francis in that there is no need to involve live animals in any form of catholic ceremony

Hot air balloons would have been more fun, though. :slight_smile:

All public revelation about God ceased with the death of the last Apostle- Saint John. All knowledge necessary for salvation is contained in the Catholic Church- both Scripture and Tradition. Both the Bible and the Catechism condemn superstition. The action of assuming that occurrences such as this are omens or signs is one manifestation of superstition. I would advise you to look up and read the relevant Scripture and Catechism passages on this. I am not able to provide it in this post.

God bless you.

I hope that they will eventually bring back the white doves to the ceremony
White doves are a potent Christian symbol that carry with them a depth of meaning and Biblical allusions.

Balloons on the other hand are more associated with clowns and children\s birthday parties.

The obvious answer is to send up real doves along with a drone made to look like a dove. This drone could even be armed to keep predatory birds at bay, although this might run counter to the intended message of peace.

Maybe the Vatican was remembering the 1956 movie, The Red Balloon, or Nena’s 1983 hit song, 99 Red Balloons, when they chose balloons to replace the doves.

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