Pope Francis removes deputy bishop in Peru after sex abuse allegations

“It is what the Pope said - zero tolerance,” Bambaren said on RPP radio. “Those are very serious crimes, especially when it has to do with a bishop.”



Serious if true. The Bishop denies all charges. Let us pray and not jump to conclusions.

He did the right thing for the Church.

If innocent, the Bishop would have suffered even more from gossip and other attacks, been unable to properly fulfill his duties until he was exonerated. And even then it may be difficult for him to stay in the Diocese, so a new start in another area may be a better option.

If guilty, then the flock are protected.

Too frequent and too sad, these accusations. To hark back to another similar thread that I’m on, I’ll wait and see if the Pope cares a whit whether this accused might be an ehebo-something or a hetero-whatever.

I don’t see where that matters, at the moment. We don’t even know if he’s guilty.

Ah, but lack of guilt’s not a barrier to the minimizing and other-blaming.


And lets not read to much into the fact the Pope removed him. the Pope is the only who has the power to remove a Bishop.

Yeah the Pope is also the only one who can step in and stop the craziness. Every time someone is accused there is a group rising to minimize, excuse and make this about homosexuality, to diminish the scandal to the Church (or so they think). The real scandal is caused when the outside world sees us going from a cover-up culture to an “it wasn’t so bad” culture. It’s a crying shame.

The Pope is an honest man - he will show us how it’s done.

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