Pope Francis removes Swiss Guard chief

Uneasy by Daniel Anrig’s style, Pope Francis has fired the commander of the Swiss Guard.

The surprise news that Daniel Anrig, who had a reputation for being rigid and “teutonic”, would step down was contained in a four-line notice on L’Osservatore Romano, the Holy See’s daily newspaper.

The 42-year-old father of four was appointed by Pope Benedict in 2008 and his five-year contract had been extended indefinitely.

“The holy father has ordered that Colonel Daniel Rudolf Anrig end his term on 31 January, at the conclusion of the extension of his mandate,” the notice said. The Vatican and the Swiss Guard declined to comment.

Lest anyone forgot, while the Swiss are trained to greet him with a salute, Francis wants something else…

The commander was again in the news earlier this year when he was credited as a co-author of a Vatican cookbook that included the Argentinian pope’s favourite recipes.

“A soldier can only fight and wage war when he has eaten well, and enough,” Anrig said at a press conference at the book launch.

Maybe he is being reassigned to kitchen duty. :smiley:

Can’t be faulted for doing his job in protecting the Pope. But he’s the Pope.



Because the guy he works for said so…it works for me!:cool:

So, the man is “rigid” and “Teutonic”? Are they kidding with this stuff? The man is Swiss, for God’s sake! What else is he supposed to be?

Whatever the reason behind his dismissal, we can be certain it wasn’t due to his “Teutonic” bearing. Again, he is Swiss.

Don’t be perturbed, Nelka. Remember this stuff comes out of the media with their…

“the Pontiff is said to have…” and “…has been removed from his post, **apparently **as a result of Pope Francis’s unease…” and “The pope’s apparent discomfort with the gruelling shifts…”

There’s a lot of “is said to’s” and “apparently’s” going on but what about what’s come from the horses mouths? Well we have …

"The Vatican and the Swiss Guard declined to comment." but we choose to ignore that glaring fact.

But perhaps the media is having a bit of a jibe at the screamers who believe all their apparently’s and is said to haves when they included this interesting aside…

“The pope recently told his security personnel in a special service in their honour that the biggest threat facing the Vatican was not from a bomb or a bullet, but the gossips who “threaten the life of the church and the life of the Vatican every day” as they sow destruction and “destroy the lives of others”.”

Still they will give out a headline to get all the gossipers poohing and pahing. Gossip gossip gossip.

that link of yours had some pretty nasty comments to Pope Francis. Sorry it is offensive.

And what is “Swiss” suppose to mean? If the Pope felt this guy was much to harsh, then maybe it’s time to go. Maybe it’s time to reivew and move to a new direction. I have family still in Switzerland so I think to assume that they are “Teutonic” is a bit of a stretch. They are warm and friendly people. I think we need to move on beyond ethnic “characterizations” which is what you are implying. If this guy is a hard butt and people working under him have suffered, then the Pope has every right as their boss to move the man on.

:hmmm: kind of a coincidence chuck hagel steps down as secretary of defense and now the swiss guard chief steps down. Just a coincidence I am sure.
I watched a show on the swiss guard once and I am wondering if the man I saw who lived in a little apartment with his wife is the man who is now no longer chief. He seemed very conscientious and by the book.
I didn’t read the story so I don’t know the reason given in the article.

Lol…yes, the two are completely unrelated.

He wasn’t fired and he did not step down; his contract is just not being renewed. It sounds like a conflict of personalities and leadership styles. I hope the Pope knows what he is doing, after all, the Swiss Guard is the world’s smallest army and these are extraordinary times, discipline and training should be kept up to date to protect the Holy Father at all times. :nunchuk:


Don’t discount the kitchen duty possibility. He may be a really good cook.

Yup. If my task was protecting the Pope, I would be rigid, Teutonic, and by the rules too. It depends whether he was nasty despot or just a stern disciplinarian. Maybe Francis saw the former.

Yes these are dangerous times and the chief of the swiss guard needs to be on top of security more than ever with threats to Rome.

Maybe we can make the guy our secretary of defense. I’ll bet the new Senate would have no problem with confirming a no-nonsense type of guy.

There you go! :thumbsup:

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