Pope Francis removes Swiss Guard chief

Yes, that sounds good.

Daniel Anrig’s predecessor also suffered the same fate when Pope Benedict VI became pope. I also heard that the predecessor was even more “Teutonic” than Mr. Anrig.

Not only to Pope Francis but also to St. Pope John Paul II.

As Longing Soul said , this is media again with the " reputation" of the guard.
Besides , under attack the Swiss Guard is supposed.to " drop " their weapons…I do not know how to say it but I remember Brother Jay explaining this to us.
I will ckeck in case I misunderstood. I miss Brother by the way. Hope he is ok.

The guy’s been there longer than he technically should have been anyway.

And one of the facts of military life is that if you’ve been there too long you’re blocking up the promotions for a lot of your people underneath you.

Heck, the good Colonel could’ve even said, “I’ve been here too long and I’m ready to retire. My XO is ready for the spot”. We don’t know, because the press will always print rumors in the absence of facts.

Crux is being particularly loquacious in the rumor department.

There is more than one way to do an excellent job. I suspect part of the problem is the tension between protecting the Pope, which in essence removes him significantly from many contacts with people and controls contacts in other circumstances, and a Pope who does not want to be limited from contacts which are unscheduled. My recollection was that there was a good deal of tension with John Paul 2, given that he was also wanting a much more open contact with the faithful when he was “out of the office” and in the streets or other public situations.

I read somewhere an interview with a Swiss Guard chief. I think it was with Anrig’s predecessor. He said that it made the job of guarding Pope John Paul II quite difficult because the Pope liked to “take a bath in the crowd”.

I actually have more of a problem with the swiss guard not actually doing anything most of the time something security related occurs with the pope. Half the time they just stand there and gawk when someone runs at the pope. I don’t think they would hit anyone with their sword or halberd. These guys in black suits end up doing the guards work most of the time.

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