Pope Francis’s popularity plummets among Americans, according to poll



Yeah. So CNN polled about 1000 people by calling their landlines. (What age group favors landlines? :flushed: ) Are these people practicing Catholics? Are they fallen away? I think this poll actually accomplishes nothing except to support the outcome CNN was looking to achieve.


There are over 70 million Catholics in the United States. The poll CNN took, random calls to 1,006 homes spoke to whoever answered { adult } now of course they could have been talking to anyone. I do not take stock in these polls .God bless…/.:butterfly:


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Thank you…I had not been on the forum for over a week, for I had been in the hospital. I missed it so much. I am back home and I am determined to spend as much time as I can today on the forum. Made alot of friends, over the past year you included and have learned alot from all. God bless :butterfly:


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I think there’s some people here who do not understand how statistics work. 1000 people, providing the question is unbiased and the sample representatice, should produce a reasonably accurate indicator.


No one seemed bothered when the same poll recorded an 83% approval rating…

They also don’t just call landlines. I get polling calls all the time on my cell.


Just going by what CNN said they did.


Yeah, I get how it works. And in a perfect world, that works. I doubt the sample was representative, I can’t comment on whether the question was unbiased.

For all interested, you might want to read a great old book: How to Lie with Statistics.


Who cares? He is not an elected official and isn’t hanging on his “approval rating” among people in the US, who are not the center of he Catholic universe as much as they think they are the center of everything. Not to mention that since the last election, we all know “polls” aren’t worth the computer disk they’re printed on.


Likely due to recent events. But it was falling prior to the recent news as the link to an earlier survey by Pew in the article showed.


Lately I’ve been getting a lot of polling telephone calls, mostly about politics. My personal philosophy is to never answer in a consistent manner. Often my reply is the opposite of how I intend to vote. Anything to throw them off.


And statisticians are able to compensate for this type of reaction.


Good for them. If their polling is always accurate, of course there will be no need for elections.


I’ve often heard conservative Catholics bemoaning Francis’ popularity and claiming that good popes shouldn’t be popular popes – that if they’re popular, that indicates too much bend toward appeasing the secular. So I suppose if this is accurate, it should please conservative Catholics, no?


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