Pope Francis: Satan Seduces Us by Disguising Evil as Good

Can we get an AMEN!


Isn’t that the story of Adam and Eve?

Amen! Very true.

Amen! Before I went through “The Healing of Families” Seminar and Family Healing Prayer Service, I had trouble always knowing what was “bad” and what was “good”. I see clearly now, but totally understand the tricks, and deceit that satan uses. I see how mankind is being seduced. Many of us were/are confused because of Family and Generational Bondage!


How encouraging it is that the Holy Father speaks so openly about the devil. His words resonate deeply with me as I encountered the devil in one of his many forms last year. I am completely changed as a result of that dreadful experience and will never again become complacent about the devil’s existence

That’s what I was thinking too.

It’s sort of like rationalizing, which we seem to be good at.

I don’t see what you are trying to say???:confused:

I’m a bit confused about one part:

“They defend mankind and defend the God-man, the superior man, Jesus Christ who is the perfection of humanity, the most perfect,” he said.

Why does Jesus need defending? Doesn’t He have dominion over all?

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