pope francis saying theres no hell and that adam and eve fake?

I saw a few people share this link to a news article with quotes from the pope making him sound like he’s saying that the firey hell we once thought of isn’t real, Adam and eve is just a fable and all religions are correct. Can someone help explain this?


He didn’t say it. It’s a hoax.


He left a message on some spanish nun´s answering machine yesterday. The main message was “don´t loose hope, as the devil feeds on sadness” I wonder how can the devil exist without Hell. Ironies aside, anyone believing the Pope said that, is not catholic.

Evangelii Gaudium chapter 2, II, 83: "…with the Church and with themselves, they experience a constant temptation to cling to a faint melancholy, lacking in hope, which seizes the heart like “the most precious of the devil’s potions”

Please help by nicely correcting them and telling them it is a hoax. Unfortunately, this hoax is spreading like wild fire.

An updated version of the tasteless hoax. Some people might be really desperate to get Pope Francis out of the picture. Perhaps they feel threatened by Pope Francis revealing of how a true Christian acts like.

It’s all a hoax. Although to be clear.

The Church teaches that hell is real.

We are not we’re required to believe in Adam and Eve in the way it is written. The Church takes no stance on the evolution of the body. Its stance is that the soul of humans is specially given to us by God. It teaches that whether man’s body evolved is irrelevant, but one is required to believe that through this there was ONE original set of parents who committed sin and through that person all of humankind has the effect of this (original sin).

The Church still teaches that there is no salvation outside of the Church. Even one who is saved, through their ignorance who is outside of the Church, is still saved by the Church (I believe that’s how it is said).

I am starting to believe that there are segments in the Church who are taking “delight” in these attempts to libel and slander Pope Francis and portray him as non-orthodox.

More information is here: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=846870

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**You’ve been hoaxed. See [Akin]


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