Pope Francis Says America Has ‘a Distorted Vision of the World' and Warns Of ‘Dangerous’ Alliance with Russia

Pope Francis Says America Has ‘a Distorted Vision of the World’ and Warns Of ‘Dangerous’ Alliance with Russia



**Pope Francis has expressed concern about a “very dangerous” alliance between the U.S. and Russia, saying its leaders are among those that have a “distorted vision of the world” when it comes to immigration.

The pope, in an interview with an Italian newspaper on Thursday, lumped the two countries’ relationship in with those of China and North Korea and Russia and Syria as some of the top world leaders met at the G-20 summit in Germany.

“I worry about very dangerous alliances between powers which have a distorted vision of the world: America and Russia, China and North Korea, (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and (Syria’s Bashar al-) Assad over the war in Syria,” the pope told La Repubblica newspaper.

“The danger concerns immigration,” the pope said, according to a translation by AFP. “Our main and unfortunately growing problem in the world today is that of the poor, the weak, the excluded, which includes migrants.”

The warning came one day before President Donald Trump held his first face-to-face meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Though the meeting was scheduled to last only 30 minutes, it went on for hours with both men singing praises of one another.

The pope has previously expressed concerns over Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea region. He has also criticized Trump over his stance on immigration, at one point saying Trump “is not Christian” because of his determination to build border walls.


Well, of course. No one in his right mind would think that an alliance between the U.S. and Russia is either beneficial or possible.

I just ended a heated discussion with my cousin who thinks the pope is all wrong. She is a Trump supporter. She is willing to put her Catholic identity on the line to say the pope doesn’t know what he is talking about. Worse than SAD!

Doesn’t matter whether you agree or not with the Pope. He is still the Keeper of the Keys which supersedes all those holding nuclear codes.

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I can’t argue with the Pope on what he said, because he included not just the US, but several other countries. The headline is misleading, as usual.

Now if Pope Francis gave me a list of countries that did not have distorted views of the world, we would have an argument.:wink: I don’t believe there are any of those.

Well, I guess that I must not be in my right mind, because that is exactly what I think.
Furthermore, if we fail to make this alliance then we are headed perforce to a global nuclear war. Therefore, nothing could be more important.

I like Pope Francis, but have to disagree with him on this one.

Please do a little more research. Maybe you won’t be so opinionated.

One of the problems I have with the article is that it jumps to “immigration” right away. Perhaps he’s referring to the refugees created by the careless actions of the superpowers with no place to go.

Did the Pope actually say “Donald Trump is not a Christian” or that “Catholic doctrine prohibits enforcement of national borders”? That doesn’t sound like something Pope Francis would say.

Sir, I have been researching this issue for the last 40 years, and I believe that my opinions are correctly based on Scripture.
Did you have something that you actually wanted to discuss?

the pope is just pushing his liberation theology.

Perhaps some Catholics believe that the Pope is infallible when it comes to political issues and that he has God-given authority when it comes to politics. It would be quite interesting to hear from those who think that and their reasons for thinking this.
I agree though that he can speak infallibly when it comes to doctrine and he has authority in religious issues. But what about political issues involving the proper political policy for countries and those leading countries? Would it be wrong for them not to follow what he says about what they, or at least Catholic in those countries, should be doing when it comes to politics?

Not surprising. See it all the time. Republican first then American then Catholic.

He has also criticized Trump over his stance on immigration, at one point saying Trump “is not Christian” because of his determination to build border walls.

Can you imagine what would happen if Pope Francis posted comments like this on CAF? Wow!

I’m pretty sure he’d be called a hater.

I love Pope Francis.

HH thinks the US and Russia are allies??? Huh???

I feel that Pope Francis is misinformed in these matters. To me, it’s get the facts before forming an opinion. I admire him, but would not like him to become somewhat anti-America. America certainly is having its struggles. We need prayers for our President who is American through and through. He is doing all he can to protect our citizens. May God give him wisdom.

Did you miss the G20?

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