Pope Francis says resignation "has not occurred to me," gives awards to 3 actors [CWN]

Addressing a question from a young person on whether he might resign, Pope Francis said that “it has not occurred to me to leave” because of the “responsibility” …


The Holy Father is handing out awards to people who detest Christian hegemony and Catholic theology. Actors who are actively engaging the brainwashing of young people by insulting everything our tradition hands down to us…

Clooney is a friend to nobody, unless you’re a communist or a member of the satanic elite. Yet here he is, handing out a medal to George Clooney.
I’m sorry, but something is amiss with Our Holy Father.

How can you ignore the affects of mass Muslim immigration into Europe - even demanding more, resulting in the rape and molestation of thousands of native, probably Christian girls, yet spend your time hanging out with and awarding medals to anti-Christian, far-leftist devils like Clooney?

Your anger is not wholly unjustified. Sometimes, the Pope does feel like the head of an NGO, rather than the Body of Christ. But, should the Pope not continue to support an educational charity he happened to help found? Why should he not be giving medals to George Clooney for his work with regards education? The mans leftist ideology is truly woeful, but it is not a religious medal, rather it’s an educational medal. Could you not look past an individuals private beliefs to commend something very honourable that they’ve done - to give thousands the chance to get on in life, by the means of education? I don’t wish to discredit you, I’m just asking questions…

They said the same thing about Irish immigrants to England in the 1950s. That they were filthy dogs who would take all the jobs and ruin the country of England with their large families. That they started fights and couldn’t integrate, due to being strongly Catholic. Have you noticed any issues with the Irish community in London? If you have, I’d love to hear them. Can you not see the true sufferings of the people of the Middle East? I appreciate that there are a number of ‘bad apples’ who wish the harm the West but all in all, the Muslims like the rest of us are generally just decent, hard-working people. Truly, the Holy Father is only trying to alleviate the suffering of these poor souls. He can appreciate their humanity, being made in the likeness of God despite their religious differences. We shouldn’t equate being Muslim with being a supporter of ISIS, just as the British equated being Irish as being a supporter of the IRA.

It’d be a pretty awful world if we couldn’t get on with people who didn’t share our beliefs. The Pope isn’t awarding George Clooney the Supreme Order of Christ, it’s just a educational medal. He does support some shocking things alright but I’d love to know how you figured that he supported common ownership of the means of production (Communism). A communist, he is not, I tell you! Evil presents itself in many forms agreeably but to not distinguish between the forms causes a bandying about of terms like “communism” and such. Just a few thoughts in response to your post…

It’s ok saying ‘Muslims are just decent hard working people, blah blah’ - but they are actively changing European civilisation as their numbers increase. Crime figures are rocketing, and despite the medias silence are linked to the injection of Muslims into cities across the West. It is well known the Muslims are now using leftist politics to upset, and agitate against the backdrop of Christian/Western society. Believe me, there is no feeling of gratitude amongst the Muslims. How can there be, when they are actively working to change our ‘KUFR’ societies??

Their societies are a failure because they abhor secularism and any separation between church and state. The mess in Syria can be specifically linked to the restless Sunni thirst for an uprising, despite Syria being led as a secular, inclusive nation by a benevolent dictator.

Feel sorry for them? I feel for their kids, but not for their adults, beliefs, practices and demands. They literally hate us, and I can see this daily in my city.

As for Irish Catholics - I’m sorry but you are exaggerating the fear people had for Irish Catholic immigration into the UK. It was nothing like what we are experiencing with Muslims today. The Muslims share nothing with Irish Catholics, and in no way can the two be conflated.

Yes, some people were very prejudiced (though the fear of Irish travellers is justified - again, I speak from experience), but you cannot conflate the fear and frustration people are now starting to experience as their cities, councils and landscape are forced to twist into an Islamic armpit, with 1950s Irish immigration. There really is no comparison in modern history, because on hindsight our ancestors outright forbid Muslim movements into Western lands. I wonder why…

As for Clooney, he may not be espousing communist rhetoric in respect to economics, but then communism was never just about economics. Modern cultural Marxism is about dethroning Christ and all he stands for. It is about breaking European/Christian hegemony, and subverting all forms of European tradition for the instigation of an alternative society.
Today we are conditioned by leftist, Christ hating celebs to believe that our history, beliefs, tradition - and right to live in safe homogenous communities is wrong, and that we must accept a borderless world - whilst these people live in gated mansions worldwide. They are the marxist puppets of todays elite.

Watch this video for more info:

Clooney: youtube.com/watch?v=sa8jOoL0LoE

Lastly, I take on board your concerns about my conflation and misunderstanding of the medals and reasoning behind the Holy Father’s gesture.

Our salvation is played out in the small acts of everyday life, not in global geopolitics or the movie sets of Hollywood.

There’s no need to post a long response to your post, other than to say - fair enough. I will withdraw my comparison between Irish Catholics and Muslims as it was wholly exaggerated and the feelings or natures were different; although both negative obviously, but again of course to wholly different degrees. I commend you for revealing to me the true depth, as it were, of Clooney’s nefarious ideals. We should all indeed strive for Christ and the evident pervasive level of cultural Marxism is astonishing but almost expected in our modern global sphere. Your grave concerns are duly noted, however perhaps generalized or exaggerated they are as in when referring to Muslims as a collective, unified group. I do concede the enormity of the level or amount of Muslims who pursue these awful means as noted before however, while acknowledging that there are a large strata of peaceful, decent Muslims who oppose those altogether iniquitous actions.

Your attack against Pope Francis is profoundly offensive.

The pope has spoken of the issue of persecution but there is more to being Pope than any issue…as he said repeatedly.

As for calling Mr. Clooney a “devil”, I do not understand how such a thing can possibly be in accord with the rules of this forum.


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Why on earth would anyone suggest that the Holy Father resign, unless that particular person had a personal dislike for him?

Sincerest apologies to you, fellow readers and the Forum for my previous remarks, which I see now could have been easily offensive to many people - I did not mean for them to be as such. Sorry again.

Yours sincerely,

Some questions would make you wonder alright…

Even Jesus said, "“A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home.” Jesus, of course, could not resign. All who walk as his representative can expect the same reaction even from within the faithful, usually from both sides of the progressive/traditional spectrum.

So as such dissatisfaction is seen in the general public, who still suffers from the false idea that age is a disqualifier for service, in and of itself.

Every time a new pope takes office, it seems like there is this misguided optimism from the flock that the new guy will “finally” loosen the rules on birth control, etc. and are very soon sadly disappointed when he doesn’t. When Francis first came on the scene he seemed a lot more progressive in many people’s eyes than some of the more recent popes but over time has shown himself to be just as morally conservative and true to church teaching as his predecessors.

So now he is a “disappointment” to some and since he didn’t give them what they wanted, they demand his resignation.

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