Pope Francis sets up special review of Vatican bank

From Reuters:
Pope Francis has set up a special commission to review the activities of the scandal-plagued Vatican bank to ensure that it operated in “harmony” with the mission of the Catholic Church, the Vatican said on Wednesday.

The appointment of the five-member panel, which includes four prelates and a woman Harvard professor, is the boldest move yet by Francis to get to grips with a bank that embarrassed the church for decades.

The Institute for Works of Religion (IOR) as the bank is formally known, has long been tarnished by accusations that it has failed to meet international transparency standards intended to combat money laundering and tax evasion.
Hopefully they can shed some light on the situation, so it will be removed from the shadows of rumor and innuendo.

I agree. The sooner we’re done with these so-called scandals, the sooner the IOR can get back to its mission of funding the Church’s work and keeping it financially sustainable. :slight_smile:

Yes. It would be nice to have it identified with actually funding charitable “works of religion,” rather than being part of a subplot in The Godfather III.

I appreciate the fact that the one layperson on the commission is a woman (and an American). Since Mary Ann Gleason is a professor with Harvard University in Boston, I’m wondering if that was an O’Malley suggestion.

With the general contempt against all banks, this indeed is good gesture on the Pope’s part.

Good for him.
Hopefully he’s gonna sort everything out over there.

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