Pope Francis' Stance on Same-Sex Marriage

Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask you guys about Pope Francis and his stance on same-sex marriage. I had an argument with my grandma earlier this week and well it didn’t turn out well. She started off by saying that Pope Francis supports same-sex marriage and that that’s why the Catholic Church is declining because they keep on changing their beliefs. Then she talked about how the Church is probably going to eventually change the whole thing about Priest not marrying, using this claim to discredit the Church even further.
So can you guys give me some links and other resources that will help me to disprove her claims? I ask this because I love my grandma, and I don’t want her to lose the faith that she grew up with.

The Pope does not support so called same-sex marriage.

I’m not sure that the Independent is the best source of information on the Pope, but this article appeared just this week:

Pope Francis says the Catholic Church should support families with gay children - but that same-sex marriage has ‘not crossed our minds’

Pope Francis supports peace, love and tolerance. All wonderful values which is exactly why he is gaining popularity in secular society and causing such an uproar to certain extremely strict Catholics so to speak.

I think he’s perhaps the greatest Pope ever.

Nothing new here. The Pope correctly stated his concern for couples with gay children, not gay marriage.


It sounds like she has been listening to anti-Catholic media sources. Pope Francis has repeatedly spoken in favor of traditional marriage and has never supported “homosexual marriage.”

You should gently remind her that her faith is in Jesus, not the pope. That she is catholic because she believes it is the church which was established by Jesus. Without going into what the pope has, has or hasn’t, said when he isn’t speaking ex cathedra he is expressing his private beliefs. As pope Benedict states in the introduction to his trilogy “Jesus of Nazareth” people are able to disagree with him because he is speaking as an individual theologian, not “the pope”.

If faith were based on the words and actions of the pope, all belief in the church should have ended after the reign of Alexander VI father of Lucrezia and Cesare along with a few others. There have been some truly horrible popes, especially during the renaissance, we truly have been blessed in the last hundred years with a succession of wonderful popes.

Sadly, I do not think there are any documents/links that can take back the chaos the Pope has caused regarding homosexuality & the like. It’s already been said & the damage is done. It is a big change & even more worrysome is the indication for the instability of future. Sure many people, including the Pope, have tried to smooth it over. However, PAndora’s Box has been opened.

These comments have absolutely place MY religious loyalty in question. Not my faith in Christ or the Bible. Rather, the Catholic Church as an institution. Such a HUGE part of the Catholic faith is trust in the tradition, trust in the Church. In my humble opinion if the Church can suddenly change a core principle then everything else in the Church teachings is In question.

An extreme example would be polygamy. Crazy right? Yet the Church has called into question the accuracy, the very morality of it’s teachings on sexuality, marriage, family, & living in sin. If the Church has been wrong about homosexuality then perhaps they ARE also wrong on monogamy, ect.

The icing on the cake is this sudden push to convert others. I am not sure the Church has even noticed my family & many other families have left. The have not seemed to notice those still in attendance but on the very edge of walking away. In my humble opinion the Church has placed money above Jesus, the Bible, & it’s members. This is not the only monetary issue I have but the fact is that the Church doesn’t represent its followers anymore. I pray your grandmother has not cried nearly as much as I have over this. Heartbroken.

You have an incredibly faulty understanding of what Pope Francis said about homosexuality. The church cannot change doctrine or the fact that the bible has always considered homosexual acts of sodomy depraved and those that practice them cannot inherit the Kingdom. Pope Francis is an incredibly wise and human pope and he is simply stating the pastoral mission of the Catholic church to love everyone.

The Church is going to be attacked repeated as it has throughout its existence, but even though we are to suffer a great and final unleashing of evil the gates of hell will not prevail.

Exactly, that is what Jesus said and we believe in Jesus…He is with us, His church, and we know that thanks to the Holy Spirit we have this extraordinary Pope…Pope Francis is not destroyng the catholic church, he is reminding us what Christ is all about. Keep the faith and God bless you.

I agree with many posters. The pope is showing his support to Catholics who have gay children in their homes. It’s not about them supporting the gay lifestyle. It’s actually a good topic to discuss but as it always seems to occur there is always someone that wants to bring forward the gay agenda.

You are correct that it is a good topic to discuss. My conflict lies in the content & context in which Pope Francis has been discussing homosexuality. While official Church doctrine may not be altered yet, the Pope’s words carry enormous weight. He has made a number of statements on this subject.

Your assumption that I have an “agenda” is exactly what I meant as far as the Church ignoring the real concerns many of us have. This is not a matter of politics or politically correctness. The stance against homosexuality, as per the Bible, is a fundamental piece of our Catholic Church.

Yes Pope Francis supports peace and love. We could have a long discussion about what it means to be tolerant.

In Christianity popular secular opinion means nothing. Christianity proposes Christ as the way, the truth, and the life. We are asked to adhere to His way, living in the truth, and gaining eternal life even while we losing our lives here, all in love of God and others.

Christianity recognizes that loving others can (will?) get you crucified, and true love almost certainly will not land you in high office.

Which brings us to the last point:
The Pope is Servus servorum Dei, “The Servant of the Servants of God”, not the “greatest ever”.

In my humble opinion there is a big difference in loving others, being kind & generous, versus welcoming a sin, accepting sin with open arms. “Who am I to judge him?” Makes homosexuality appear somewhat acceptable. What sin will be accepted next?

Saying that we shouldn’t judge homosexuals isn’t the same as saying that homosexual acts are not sinful.

We are all sinners- saying that we shouldn’t judge each other doesn’t mean we are perfect or that everything we do is acceptable. Is it ok to judge people for other sins because it is wrong?

I feel that part of what Pope Francis was addressing was the idea that all gay people must be sinning through homosexual acts, or that they are somehow more sinful than everyone else. Also, just because someone identifies as gay does not mean that they are committing sins such as homosexual acts. And it doesn’t make them worse sinners compared to those who are not gay.

As you said, we should welcome, accept and love others. Judging them isn’t the way to do that. We can be accepting and non-judgmental towards the person, without accepting their sins.

To the OP, there was recently a conference Pope Francis called on the Complementarity of Man and Woman-- it was on traditional marriage.

It’s interesting this phrase:
“Who am I to judge”.

All the talk is on that word “judge”.
What about the words “Who am I…?” People gloss over these words as if they aren’t there. It’s very easy for us to avoid those words. They challenge us.

Isn’t the Pope inviting us to look at ourselves, recognize our own sin, and our own need for redemption? And also to recognize that redemption as a tremendous gift offered for all people?

BrokenWings4 hang tight. The Church hasn’t let you down. All Holy Father Francis is doing is bringing up issues which are rarely brought forwards. As for example, allowing those to marry which have been living together (in sin). He is showing compassion not changing things at all. Stay firm with the Church. It’s people can let you down but we’re in it for Jesus and the Catholic Church is where only Christ is found in the form of the Eucharist and wine. Body and Blood. Continue to do your calling whatever it may be. The Devil instills in our hearts doubt about are leaders and we shouldn’t fall for his tricks. Yes, some of our leaders make and have made mistakes but I believe that most of them are good people which are of need of our prayers. Good luck. God bless you and your family.

Pope Francis statement : Who am I to judge" has triggered many negative responses, some think he went against Church teaching, accepting homosexuallity as O.K. As stated by some posters that Homosexual acts will always be sinful acts, but we can not judge those that commit such acts. In order to judge correctly, and we are advised by Jesus not to judge, we must know how much knowledge does the person have concerning the act, does he regard the act as serious, and does he commit the act with full intent of the will. Only God who is Omniscient can judge correctly. Another crucial point to understand is that a homosexual person can not give what he doesn’t have, the fruit of grace that come from conversion to Christ. If he is not converted, he lacks the graces that he will need to conquer his homosexual tendencies. To expect him or her to respond to what we understand or believe is to do that person an injustice. We are all sinners in need of redemption.

Jesus calls us to love Him with all our strength and heart, then he exhorts us to love our neighbor. There is much hatred in world, and as christian, we are not allowed to hate our brothers and sisters, this is a great challenge of love, and it takes the grace of God to make this possible. Pope Francis is countering this hate, and loving those that are afflicted by not judging the person and distinguishing between the person and the the act. He will never change his moral standing on the morality of the act, it is a sinful act, and always will be Many people who are homosexuals feel hated, and rightly so where the hatred of the sin is transferred to the person, there is no distinction made. There are others who hate the sin, but show christian love for the person Many persons who practice these acts do not recognize those who hate, and those who love because they don’t see many who love, and that includes Christians, and that’s w hat really hurts the person, and the Church. I believe Pope Francis is very aware of this moral failing in love and is countering it, but being misunderstood in the process, pray for him, and all concerned that they see the truth.

First that is complete nonsense because neither the Pope nor the Church support same sex marriage and nor has the Church ever changed a doctrine.

Honestly, when someone makes an outrageous claim, even if it is your grandmother, it is up to them to provide evidence to support their claim which we can then discuss. Although this one is easy to dismiss I am talking generally when I say it is not up to us to refute baseless claims. It is up to the one making assertions to support their case. If not tell them they are simply blowing hot air.

These are really great post you guys, thank you. And I’ll be praying for you BrokenWings. You are not alone in your struggle.

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