Pope Francis strongly criticizes transgender ideology [CWN]

The Holy See Press Office has published the transcript of the meeting between Pope Francis and the bishops of Poland that took place during the Pope’s recent apostolic journey there.


I do not think that among the things that children should be taught in school is that they can “chose” their sex. And I am not real familiar with transgender “ideology,” but my general impression is that their position is that they have not “chosen” a gender identification that is different from the body in which they were born, but rather assert, in some way I haven’t been able to understand, that who they are fundamentally, their beingness, is inconsistent with the gender associated with their body. That seems clear as mud…

Anyway, what strikes me about the link is this: According to the article on the site, Pope Francis believes that children are being taught transgender ideology in school “Because the books are supplied by the people and institutions that give you the money.” And then in bright red text there is this policy on the site: All comments are moderated. To lighten our editing burden, only current donors are allowed to Sound Off.

A couple of things cause me to question the reliability of this site:
1). I have been retired for several years, but I worked for over 30 years in public school administration, and I never saw anything remotely resembling the curriculum this article describes.
2). This site clearly restricts comments to only people who have given money to the site.

Maybe this very odd thing is being taught in Poland prompting Pope Francis to make the comments attributed to him on this site. However, I am not going to believe so based on the site linked to this thread.

Catholic Culture always lists their sources right above the comments warning. Here is the actual questions and answers from the Vatican Press Office (first referenced link [title is in Italian, but I linked to the English translation]). It was in response to a question asked by Bishop Krzysztof Zadarko on the European Refugee crisis (roughly half way down the page). It is actually his last remark before ending the session.

I can guarantee you that there is teaching about gender ideology at one level or another in many US school districts. There are a number of books written for K-5th graders on gender confusion (I am Jazz, Be Who You Are, All I want to be is me, et cetera). Many school districts include guidelines on referring to children by their preferred gender pronoun and include policies on educating children on gender as separate from biological sex. I have not looked at common core science and social studies books recently, but I know there are articles like “Teaching Gender Identity in High School” by Elizabeth Heilman and Jesse Goodman that have been around for decades. Organizations such as Safe Schools and Welcoming Schools provide curriculum ideas for teaching about LGBT issues. This includes ideologies like gender fluidity. Even where it is not implicit, gender ideology is taught as fact through attempts at norming.

Thank goodness someone is disagreeing with it.

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