Pope Francis Supports Breastfeeding Enough To Know It Needs To Happen In Public


I think that women should have the right to breastfeed wherever they feel fit. With that being said I just don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable seeing it. I myself breastfed my daughter for about 6 months but I had to go to a private room to do so. That was just more comfortable for me and when a woman just starts doing it out in public it will always make me cringe a little bit A. Because I grew up in a family where we hardly even hugged each other much less were comfortable with seeing a breast out in public (even if it is being used for a great purpose) and B. because I find it hard to be at a table with a friend or talking to them and try to keep my eyes focused on her face when she is jostling around a breast right in front of me.

But just because I’m uncomfortable doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t have the right to do it. I would just say that maybe if a mother is breastfeeding and there is another option she might want to utilize it as a courtesy for others. I would never ask her to go do it in a dirt bathroom or something like that but if there is a breastfeeding room or a small, clean room that can be used that might be a good option to utilize. For example, on a plane…she should just be able to do it right there in her seat…not go into those tiny, gross bathrooms.

Yup. As long as she doesn’t change any nappies in the seat. :eek:

Are you uncomfortable with modest breastfeeding or all breastfeeding?

I nurse my son in public when necessary, but I wear clothing that doesn’t expose anything and use a cover as well.

I don’t see what the big deal is with breastfeeding in public. Breasts have been so oversexualized in America, and I get so flustered every time someone acts like breastfeeding in public is disgusting (And I rarely get flustered). It’s natural and okay. Breasts are not made for sex, they are not made to turn you on, they are made to feed babies. If some people can’t handle it, they need to get over it and look away if they need to.

I see no issue with breastfeeding in public.

Will I avert my eyes? Yes, because I live in a world where breasts are sexualized and would probably feel lustful at the sight. But that’s a personal problem. If you must feed in public, do so.

But I do also think that if the option exists you should always feed privately. Simply because it is less likely to tempt other men.

You might as well say mouths aren’t for kissing, since we talk with them.

I will never be comfortable with breast-feeding and totally agree with the pope that women that do need to be supported when they do in public. I am fine with being put out and uncomfortable for the sake of these little ones.

Watching a mother breastfeed her child is one of the most beautiful events that I could ever experience. For nine months she protects him and nurtures him in her womb. Now that he’s out in the world, she continues to protect him and nurture him in her bosom. It reminds me of what should be the mission of every family.

Well now you’re just making me feel bad for liking breasts.
Sorry, it be the hormones I swears, up and down.

On a serious note: Breastfeeding in public bothers me if people are rude about it. One particular diaper commercial comes to mind as an example…

There’s nothing wrong with liking breasts. But breasts are not inherently sexual. I’m a leg man, but that doesn’t mean I think legs are made for sex and will demand ladies not show their legs. Breasts are made to feed children, and we shouldn’t make women go in hiding whenever their infant wants to eat. This shouldn’t even be a problem, since most girls that breastfeed their babies use covers. However, I’ve seen people freak out even when girls are using covers (This happened to my sister, from our grandmother, no less). But even then, some babies refuse to eat with a cover on, and we shouldn’t force mothers that breastfeed their children to cover up what they are doing. Mothers are incredibly busy, and they don’t always have time to hide in a room so as not to “offend” others. People in today’s society focus so much on stopping anything that might be “offensive” to others, when sometimes we just need to get the heck over it, especially when it’s something as natural as feeding your child.

I don’t see how that commercial (disclaimer- I find that commercial extremely funny and spot on for accuracy) is being rude about it.

It’s naive to pretend that breasts are not arousing or even that they are not intended to be arousing, but seeing an infant feeding from one is totally disarming and puts away any feelings of concupiscence for me. If women need to breastfeed in public, let them do their thing with respect and ignore them. I don’t understand how we can continue to stigmatize public breasfeeding when women regularly dress to flaunt their bodies to the whole world without any sense of modesty and no one bats an eye.

There is nothing wrong with feelings, only what we do about them. I do not apologize for feeling uncomfortable around breast-feeding. Yet I would try not and pass that discomfort onto a mother doing the best she can.

Good gravy! I’m older than I thought. :eek:

My idea of arousing is my rocker and a good book. :yup:

:confused: I’m not sure there’s anything wrong with that.

I never thought I’d see a headline involving a Holy Pontiff’s opinion on public breastfeeding.

And on many planes, there is no alternative.

Indeed. I just don’t grasp why someone would be offended.

At the Wednesday General Audience the other day there was a young mother behind one of the barriers with a baby that was just a few month s old. The child was crying its eyes out as I came past. The mother was caressing it. I said to her: madam, I think the child’s hungry. “Yes, it’s probably time…” she replied. “Please give it something to eat!” I said. She was shy and didn’t want to breastfeed in public, while the Pope was passing. I wish to say the same to humanity: give people something to eat!

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