Pope Francis- The Church is in a love story


Great read.

Thanks for sharing.

Thats ok. I just love how Pope Francis seems to always mention things just as I am thinking about them, he must be really in touch with the Holy Spirit, as if I am thinking things surely there are many more who are on the same track as I am :slight_smile:

That was pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing. :thumbsup:

This homily was great and made my heart leap.Pope Francis is filled with the Holy Spirit!

Pope Francis said …“The church begins in the heart of the Father who had this idea of love…”
Pope Francis’ understanding of what the church is is simply marvelous and this is in line with what he said (abt 3 days ago) about Jesus not being found out of the church.It is also in line with what he said about the church being “hierachical” and “catholic” because the origin of the church is from The Most High through Jesus and then the apostles all in the atmosphere of love.The concept of the church is therefore incompatible with the chaotic and anarchical atmoshphere inwhich some “christians” unfortunately claim to live the gospel.
The church is therefore ONE HOLY CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC.:highprayer:

Yes, I think people looking in on Catholicism may tend to see the hierachy or whatever and think its hypocritical or something. I wish more people would look at the Church with love (I am writing in reference to those who put the Church down who focus on the Church’s problems and calling it names such as a cult or whatever)
Sorry but its true some people I know are quite against it I guess because the Church stands up for its beliefs and these people I guess see it as prude or something.
But if they would only be given the grace to see that the rules of the Church are to bring us to salvation and to in fact make life easier on us. My life has been so awesome since my Confirmation in 2011 I never look back and I am always thanking God for bringing me to the Church considering I was not brought up with it, though baptized as an infant. Anyway the point is I love the Church :heart: The Church is love :heart:

Like Pope Francis, I love the Catholic Church. I love being Catholic. I love all things Catholic. How can you not love the true Church founded by Christ and bequeathed to St. Peter and his successors?

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