Pope Francis to hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin


This is very exciting, given the common ground the Holy See and Russia have recently found on certain issues. It will be interesting to see how this proceeds.

Wow, that’s really interesting, I’d certainly love to sit in on that conversation.

Pope Francis is a wonderful Pope.

President Putin is a great bloke. I always wished he was in charge of my country, especially when that monster Blair was Prime Minister.

I am very happy to do this. I read that president putin is promising to defend Christianity in Russia as well as protect it in the middle east where Russia has interests and hopefully he will help influence those countries to protect the Christian peoples there.

we must pray for the holy spirit to work among these two men during their meeting and may putin leave with a sense of purpose of protecting Christianity and Christians where they are being persecuted.

Putin is a power mad thug who very successfully plays for power.

I am sure Pope Francis won’t be taken in by him.

That is certainly the image that is fostered of him in the west as the US would no doubt love another licks spittle like Yeltsin in charge of the Russian Federation. As my wife says one way to gauge if Russian leaders are useful or doing anything right is to look at how annoyed the US is with them.:wink:

Whether or not the USA is upset with Putin or not, he was, is and remains a dangerous thug.

One little example: his little power play when he forced German leader Angela Merkel to put up with his dog when he knew full well that she is terrified of dogs since she had been bitten as a girl.

What kind of a leader does that?

A thug.

Only a thug would think riding a trike (without a medical reason) is cool:

I know Putin was once involved in the KGB, but not sure if he was the director or something. I’m pretty sure the topics of Syria and human trafficking will come up in conversation with Pope Francis.

Putin is a thug. See the murder of Alexander Litvinenko with Polonium-214, the execution-style gunning down of journalist Anna Politkovskaya and others.

Russia is a thug. See how they won’t return Western Karelia to Finland, see how they took away South Ossetia and Abkhazia from Georgia.

The USA is a thug. I just finished reading this cryptome.org/2013/11/cia-chile-coup-instructions.pdf regarding the CIA plotting a military coup in Chile, in July 2000, on behalf of the US government (thanks Edward Snowden, for exposing it). I also just finished reading this thepeoplesvoice.org/TPV3/Voices.php/2013/10/22/us-venezuela-relations-a-case-study-of-i about how the 2002 military coup in Venezuela was orchestrated by the CIA and the USA.


Right now, the USA is helping the murderous Al Qaeda in Syria, who are killing Christians, kidnapping and executing Christian (Catholic and Orthodox) bishops, priests, and monks. I didn’t hear a peep from US President Obama, or Secretary of State John Kerry, on behalf of the Christians in Syria.

At least, Russian President Putin spoke out on behalf of Syrian Christians.

US President Obama almost pulled the trigger on bombing Syria, and possibly transforming that country into a nuclear wasteland with our depleted uranium shells, just like we did in Iraq, Bosnia, and Kosovo.

I give credit to Russian President Putin for stopping yet another American- and French-made humanitarian catastrophe happening in Syria.

Babies are born with birth defects in Iraq, and the Iraqi civilians are suffering of hugely increased numbers of leukemias, lymphomas, and other cancers, due to our depleted uranium shells. That’s exactly what would have happened in Syria, but it was thankfully averted, in no small part, due to Russian President Putin, and due to our Pope Francis.

So, thug or no thug…

Thank you, President Putin! :flowers:
And Thank you, Pope Francis! :flowers:

Western Karella was ceded by treaty to Russia nearly 300 years ago and the vast majority of inhabitants are ethnic Russians by this point. Finland has no legitimate claim on the area any more and the people there would not identify as Finnish. Finnish culture has an influence on the prevailing culture in the region but that is a very diferent thing. The suggestion that an area where around 600,000 Russian people live should just be handed back after nearly three centuries is one Russians will no doubt consider seriously when American does the same with areas it gained far more recently via treaty and in which far higher percentages of the local populace do not identify as American.

The Russians did not take away South Ossetia, it declared independence in 1990 - long before the conflict there.

Putin was a Lieutenant Col. in the KGB, this was a middling rank, not particularly junior but not particularly senior either.

It is nice to finally see the Holy Father meet the only leader of a superpower willing to defend Christianity in public: at home and abroad.

I have a feeling that Putin is carrying an Orthodox invitation for Pope Francis to come to Russia.

The Father Gruner Cult is probably in a tizzy over this latest development.

There is no evidence that Putin had anyone killed. To say otherwise is to engage in intellectual thuggery.

I’ll go a few steps further:

Putin is a kleptomaniac, an adulterer, a murderer, a bully and a thug.


Russia is not a superpower.

It’s an economic disaster, and it’s economy will sink further as it runs out of oil. It’s population is shrinking. Russia, on the other hand, has many nukes a legacy of its Stalinist past.

These and other factors make Russia dangerous, but they do not make it a superpower.

Nice to see such copious mud slinging.

It’s not mud if it’s true.

While I agree that Putin is far from perfect. I think what people here are looking for is for to back up those claims

Just google each term with his name - there are pages and pages of articles and info.

Erm. That’s really sourcing.

If you are interested you will do it.

If not :shrug:

And if you believe Putin is the anointed one then you won’t believe any source no matter how credible.

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