Pope Francis to Obama: Religious Freedom Is Beyond Price

From the National Catholic Register:



It’s interesting that some news outlets run with the headline about Pope Francis’ comments on the family and/or religious liberty while others run with the headline about his comments regarding climate change and/or the poor. I guess Pope Francis wanted to give a little something for everyone to latch on to. :slight_smile:

The live stream I was watching showed Obama clapping when Pope Francis talked about pollution and climate change, but the POTUS was out of frame when the Pope talked about religious liberty. Based on the applause though it was certainly a more left leaning crowd. Religious liberty seemed to get less applause then environmental comments. I wish I could have seen the president’s face and body language during that part, though I suspect it followed the crowd and was polite clapping at best.

Thanks, God Bless, Memaw

You’re welcome.


Too bad he wasn’t so forceful during his visit to Havana. That visit was a tragicomedy of missed opportunities. He seemed to overlook the importance of religious freedom during his visit to Cuba, with his milquetoast treatment of the Castro brothers and his failure to vigorously call out the regime for its treatment of dissidents, and his failure to DEMAND, not only as a visiting head of state but as Christ’s Vicar on Earth that he be allowed unfettered access to dissidents, and that such dissidents must not be punished. There is a fine line between diplomacy and mushiness.

Since I am uninformed about the dissidents you mention, can you provide a link to what the Pope did say in Havana?


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