Pope Francis to Rome priests: "never settle for simple administration"

He called on his fellow priests never to be too lax or too severe, but to be merciful, taking care of the sinner and accompanying him on the journey of reconciliation.And he urged them never to forget that they were plucked from the flock, reminding them to always defend themselves against the “rust” of spiritual worldliness” and the “spiritual corruption which threatens the very nature of a shepherd”.


Pope Francis obviously appreciates and loves the priesthood. :whistle:

The word merciful matters most to any priest as our Holy Father says. But the condition is specified; not to lax or too severe and the context is “on the journey of reconciliation.”
These words are practical in essence as some people who come for confession do not really come for reconciliation. They come for “rust of spiritual wolrdliness and spiritual corruption” of which I have to defend the sacredness of the sacraments and my ministry. I have a recent incident of that, which I have to be “not to lax or too severe” in dealing with this ‘sick person’.

Thank you for posting this discussion which is a good reminder for all priests and shepherds.

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