Pope Francis urges youth to accept migrants on visit to Poland



“A merciful heart opens up to welcome refugees and migrants”.


Guess he missed what is happening in Germany…

How about we help them fix their countries instead? The USA, for example, has homeless citizens we can’t even provide housing for. How are we supposed to provide housing for more migrants when we can’t even provide for our own? The USA also has a illegal immigrant problem, with those who can’t even be bothered to take the time to file for the legal paperwork.


Poland has historically been very accommodating to immigrants. When most of Europe was kicking the Jews out of their countries, Poland welcomed them.

The circumstances are different in modern times, but I wonder just how different they really are.


I don’t think the Jews had much of a history of mass rape and gross sexual imposition or much of a habit to scream Allahu Akbar before self detonation.


That is completely incorrect. Poland had and still has a big problem with anti-Semitism.



Of course he hasn’t missed what is happening in Germany but he has said before that you must not tar all asylum seekers with the same brush because of the actions of a tiny minority.


I don’t mean to make this a debate on whether or not Poland was very accommodating to the Jews, but I’ll go with historical fact on this one.

There was a reason that most of the Jewish population was concentrated in Poland leading up to World War II and it wasn’t because Poland didn’t welcome them within their borders.

I’m sure there were Polish people who hated the Jews like other people who hated the Jews. I’m sure there were Germans that were accommodating towards the Jews even though the government wanted to exterminate them.

Maybe I should clarify that the Polish government at that time, unlike most of Europe, was very accommodating towards the Jews in pre-World War II Europe.


Sorry but the facts are that the Polish government passed a number of anti-Semitic laws in the 1930s:


From 1935 to 1939, antisemitic feeling in Poland gained in intensity. The impact of this development was to influence the adoption of measures by Polish professional organizations that excluded Jews. Here are only a few examples[2]:
•In August 1936, the Polish government ordered that all shops include the name of the owner on their business sign. This order was tantamount to specifically marking Jewish-owned businesses. Attacks on Jewish businesses surged after the marking order went into effect.
•In May 1937, the membership of the Polish Medical Association adopted a paragraph into their professional charter excluding Jews from the medical profession.
•Also in May 1937, the Polish Bar Association adopted a similar measure. This was followed by official state action in May 1938 restricting the ability of Jewish lawyers to attain licenses to practice law.
•In January 1938, the General Assembly of Journalists in the city of Wilno added a provision to its by-laws stating that anyone Jewish could not belong to their organization.
•In April 1938, the Bank Polski, the Polish state’s largest financial institution, adopted a provision excluding Jews.
•Most importantly, in March 1938 the Polish government announced a new “Citizenship Law.” This law stated that as of October 30, 1938, the passports of Polish citizens who had lived abroad for more than five years would be revoked if those citizens had not “maintained contact with the [home] country”.[3] Although this law did not target Jews specifically, its effect had a dramatic impact on Jews who had lived outside of Poland. One such community of Jewish expatriates were the tens of thousands of Polish Jews residing in neighboring Germany. The Polish action would have effectively rendered these people “stateless” on German soil, making them a German problem. Nazi officials, particularly Heinrich Himmler, chief of the SS, and his subordinate, Reinhard Heydrich, had planned since earlier in the year to force Jews - particularly Polish Jews - to leave Germany. On October 28-29, the SS and Gestapo detained 15,000 Polish Jews and sent them over the German frontier into Poland. These refugees were turned back by Polish border guards and then interned in a refugee camp “between” Germany and Poland at Zbaszyn. There they languished under terrible conditions until Poland finally relented and allowed them to enter the country in 1939

Due to the lack of central authority in Poland just after the war there were gangs of Poles who were killing Jews in the couple of years just after the war. Horrible, horrible murders, 1,500, 2,000 people. It made a huge spiritual and psychological impact saying, you know, we’re still not safe and so people said, either I leave and if I don’t leave Poland I leave Judaism," Rabbi Schudrich says.

Thousands of Holocaust survivors chose to leave, emigrating to Israel or the US. Jews who stayed were often communists who believed in the power of the system to transform the country.

Poland wasn’t unique in its anti-Semitism but it was certainly up there with the worst. The only European countires that actively helped the Jewish people were Denmark, Norway, the UK and Ireland.


Does he have a way to tell the friendly from the hostiles, or which ones will self explode at the sound of Allahu Akbar?


Same question for lunatics who kill in the USA where the homicide rate is 50 times higher than that of Germany?


Bullet points one and six address the government of Poland and neither explicitly targeted the Jews. Don’t get me wrong, no government is perfect, but historical fact is that while other European countries were kicking the Jews out, Poland did not. I’ll stick with history rather than some website’s claims to the contrary.


Do you think the Pope is unaware of this fact? Or do think he knows this fact and doesn’t care? Or do you just think he is an exceptionally bad Pope?


]can’t even provide housing for.

How are we supposed to provide housing for more migrants when we can’t even provide for our own? The USA also has a illegal immigrant problem, with those who can’t even be bothered to take the time to file for the legal paperwork.

I agree. I believe firmly that we need to help the migrants and refugees. That being said I don’t believe that the answer is to allow all of the migrants to resettle in Europe. While it is true that it is a minority of migrants who are engaging in terrorist activities it is unacceptable that the consequence will result in a loss of human lives and that Europe will loose both in European and Christian identity in the process.


I note that you seem to be unable to provide the facts to back up your “interpretation” of history which is not untypical. Poland inherited its jewish population from Russia at its creation in 1918. You seem to imply that jewish people were clamouring to get in to Poland which is patently not the case - and no countries were kicking jewish people out - Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia all passed anti-Semitic legislation which mirrored that passed in Poland. Sadly today Poland has the highest level of anti-Semitism in Europe.


Unfortunately your history is incorrect. They were not kicked out from other European countries but forced to move because of what was happening in the Soviet Union. After 1935 the Polish state (along with the Hungarian, Slovakian, German, and Romanian) turned increasingly anti-Semitic. When the 220,000 German Jews asked to leave Germany they didn’t ask to go to Poland, they sought sanctuary in the UK and USA both of whom reluctantly helped. Sadly Poland is now the most anti-Semitic country in Europe.


Yes /no / maybe/ I don’t know/ can you repeat the question. All I am saying is if you cannot tell the friendlies from the hostiles from the ones who will self detonate at Allahu Akbar; keep them quarantined far away from the indigenous population. After all the first job of government is to keep the local population safe.


Well when I grew up the US kept the lunatics away from the local population until the lunatics in the courts decided that was a bad idea. So we suffer.


To be fair, nobody is asking or expecting all the refugees to settle in Europe. Out of the 5 million Syrian refugees most have sought sanctuary in neighbouring states - 2.6 million in Turkey and 1.6 million in Lebanon. 300,000 have been granted asylum in Europe. The 1 million figure that Mrs Merkel (unwisely in my view) mentioned includes people from Serbia, Albanian and Macedonia who are also seeking asylum in western Europe. Under the EU plan to take the pressure of Greece, Poland was asked to take just 7,000. To put all that into context the population of Europe is over 500 million.


Sadly, it’s the same the world over Steve except perhaps on a smaller scale.


The reason I asked what you thought of the Pope was that you were calmly presenting your view of why the Pope’s call is flawed with no more consideration given to him as a person than you would give to the average poster here on CAF. But the Pope is not some anonymous poster. He is someone we should know a lot about. I’m not saying his statements to the youth were infallible doctrine, but I do wonder how anyone can be so dismissive of him as a person unless they hold quite negative views of him generally, or have some other explanation as to why someone they respect is so wrong on this issue.

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