Pope Francis Warns that Gossip Is the Devil's Weapon

see vaticaninsider.lastampa.it/en/the-vatican/detail/articolo/santa-marta-31461/

“Secondly jealousy and envy lead to gossip. Because this person cannot stand that the other has something, the solution to the problem is to drag them down, so that I can be a littler higher up. And the tool to do this is gossip. If you look closely you will always find that behind every rumour lies jealousy and envy. Gossip divides the community, destroys the community. They are the devil’s weapons.”

So true. If only a couple of my friends and family members would realize this. . .

Yes, a lot of people struggle with this sin. We need to remember that not only is it a sin, but it also doesn’t reflect well on the gossipers; it makes them look bad and not the person(s) they are bashing.

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