Pope Francis Weighs In as Italy Refugee Influx Accelerates Again - NDTV

** Pope Francis Weighs In as Italy Refugee Influx Accelerates Again** - NDTV

Pope Francis urged Italian authorities to join Church officials in working to calm tensions in the troubled district.

“These are things that can happen in different European cities, particularly in peripheral neighbourhoods already suffering from other problems,” the pope said.

“I call on the authorities, at every level, to address what now constitutes a social emergency which, if not dealt with soon in an adequate manner, risks degenerating further.”

The Argentinian pontiff, who regularly speaks out on social issues, added: “It is possible to have dialogue, listen to each other and plan together, and in this way overcome suspicion and prejudice and build safe, peaceful and inclusive co-existence.”


What is different about the Italian protests, is that its not so much a liberal verses conservative thing. It seems like many Italians, from all sides, dont like being part of Europa, and they dont like the way their government acts under Europan influence, such as allowing so many foreigners in with their foreign cultures. At least thats how it seems.

…i think Italy is one of the border nations between Europe and the Islamic world, and the Italians surely dont want to follow the paths of Greece, Turkey, Spain, and even parts of France where large influxes of immigrants have altered the culture to a more Islamic type.

Here is more of the social context of the problem the Holy Father was addressing:

As Elvio tells it, the violence erupted after a local girl reported having been subjected to an attempted rape.

“They didn’t speak Italian. We don’t know who they were, who knows?” he said.

What is known is that a building housing around 50 migrants was pelted with stones, flares and other missiles for three consecutive nights. Windows were smashed, rubbish bins set ablaze and there were pitched battles with riot police that became sufficiently serious for the city authorities to order the removal of teenagers from the centre.


Some people might not be as familiar with the situation.

A lot of “boat people” cross the Mediterranean to Italy.

A lot of those in France are from countries, France colonized.

I certainly feel sorry for the people who come from war-torn regions, Libya and so on, who wouldn’t want to escape from some of those places.

They’re kidding themselves if they think they can go on indefinitely having 1 kid per family AND no pesky immigration from unpleasant cultures.

Their economy, like much of Europe, is shot too with high unemployment. I’m not sure how the economy works over there, but in the old days they would go conquor new lands to help their economy. Now the only way to help themselves is to open the door and let themselves be taken over. :shrug: I dont mean that literally, but in a way, its like the people of the nation have been abandoned by their own government. Its happening everywhere… Its to surrender rather than conquor.

…With that idea, the worlds governments seem to be united in suggesting that economics > culture. I’m not so sure myself if that’s correct though. Im not sure where that will take us in the end.

As a Catholic i sort of feel compelled to culture. Like the culture of my youth, which Catholicism was a part of, being raised Catholic and such. I suppose culture and the economy go hand in hand though -both being important factors in a healthy sociey.

…i just wonder what is lost when one leads the other. Either way. If economics lead, then wars seem to be less but morals go out the window. If Culture leads, then morals become enforced but wars increase. Or at least thats how it seems.

I think the West is experiencing a second Migration Period. This time around though, the doors are kept wide open and there is no resistance. Culture is viewed as something that can be engineered in all its aspects. Bloodlines are viewed as “imagined communities”.

…but if bloodlines are imaginary communities, then why does a mother feel a special bond for her child? Why did God create the family unit? Why do we acknowledge cousins? Maybe the human being is naturally conscious of ‘bloodlines’ because its necessary.

Maybe the ideology of bloodlines being imaginary, and its replacement with economically engineered societies is the root cause why so many people allow abortion to be legal -because its just a baby, not a member of any family bloodline. Especially not ‘theirs’… With the abandonment of bloodlines, we lose respect of the family within society. Everything about society becomes about economics, finances, money. The family is gone.

…i think that when we drink the blood of Christ, we become part of a new bloodline. We become one giant family. A giant culture rooted in Christ.

…Or maybe economics are simply a major factor within the R1b or closely related haplogroups, and those who enter the “West” simply adapt to that culture. :shrug: who knows. :shrug:

R1b is the Celtic and Germanic haplogroup gene. R1a is the slavic one. FYI.

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