Pope Francis Will Not Use Bulletproof Cars In Upcoming Middle East Visit, Vatican Says


I think that is great. I love Pope Francis, but who over anyone else should be willing to take a bullet for God! I always found it a little disturbing that the other Pope’s used one. I certainly could not imagine Jesus use one. If the Pope shows he doesn’t have faith in God’s plan for him, why should we. What a great example of Jesus he has been.

You are right, Jesus would have went to the worst part of the region to preach and be around the most violent and wretched of people.

“Francis will visit Jordan, the Palestinian Territories and Israel during the May 24-26 trip, his first as pope to the region.”

Hopefully, these areas are safe.

As safe as it has ever been, since the 1900s.

The Israelis have made security an art, but even in the PA and Jordan, the governments have a vested interest in not letting a Pope come to grief on their real estate.


You realize of course, that it was because Saint Pope John Paul II was shot that the bullet proof popemobile (and regular bullet proof cars for traveling distances) came into use. :shrug:

Yes I know but that does change my opinion. I still found it disturbing that a bullet proof car was used any Pope. Again I just don’t see Jesus ever doing that so why should any successor of Peter? Pope Francis seems to understand that. He is the most important servant of God and above anyone else should be willing to die for Him just as Jesus did.

Maybe using a bullet proof car is not a sign of a lack of faith, but just being a responsible person.

I take it you’re not familiar with “trust in God, but lock your car” then. Or bulletproof it, in this case :smiley:

I don’t think that using a bullet proof vehicle is a sign of not enough faith. I think it’s a sign of prudence. Pope Francis, apparently does not feel that one is needed for this visit and I just that this is a prudent decision for him to make.

I agree - having a bulletproof car wouldn’t mean he lacks faith. In fact, I think such an accusation would be quite offensive to many people - how can the POPE be lacking faith in God? Just because someone doesn’t want to be shot by some nut, doesn’t mean they lack faith.

Jesus was seized at one point in the Gospels by a bunch of people who took him away to stone him, but did some sort of disappearing/invisibility thing and escapes unharmed. It is not always wrong to avoid unnecessarily making yourself a target.

There weren’t any bullets in those days. LOL

Do you not remember what Jesus told the devil when he was being tempted? “Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.”

The Pope is not Jesus. We should trust in God but that doesn’t mean we should take unnecessary risks and think God will save us. That is tempting God. Catholics should be humble before God, trust he will protect them but, at the same time, not take unnecessary risks.

Keep praying for the Holy Father. I do wish the media hadn’t made that a story. It’s better if some things are not known ahead of time.

God the Father sent His Son, Christ, to Jerusalem to be murdered for our redemption.

Now, He is sending the Vicar of Christ.


You’re right. Even a bulletproof car won’t prevent every possible attack against him.

The Pope has his own world-colass security attachment and the host country will have their creme of the crop security personal also.

The Pope will be as safe as can be expected for a world leader.

“We” are not taking unnecessary risks. The Pope has every right over the say on his safety, not you. I truly admire what he is doing. He is showing the world that we should be willing to die for our faith anytime and anywhere, just as Christ did. This is not a political move, it is truly a spiritual one. It :blush:is what the Church needs right now, IMO!:blush:

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