Pope Francis

Pope Francis makes me smile.

He makes me feel joy in my heart.

He speaks the truth, stands up for the principles of Christ which have always been true, but his love for those outside the Catholic Church is as big as his love for those within it. He is breaking down barriers between people’s hearts and the light of Christ.

I see the light of Christ reflected in Pope Francis. What a gift to the Church and to humanity!



Your right. I feel better about our Church than I ever have. I was born and raised with The Jesuit and around a Jesuit high school. Many Jesuit priests are very much like Pope Francis. I feel very blessed to have known so many.


Pope Francis is doing many great things!!!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I love the man too, but how does that make this a topic for NCR?

For great examples see Sticky: [Akin]

I think he’s wonderful and someone people of all faiths and none can admire. He is leading by example, something which is rare nowadays.

I think Matt just hasn’t ventured into the scary other sub-forums yet.

I will second THAT Matthew!

A great example for all people to emulate :thumbsup:


Love him too. I worry, though, that the media - of whom he’s currently a “darling” - will, at some point, having built an image of him based on perceptions, will then turn on him when he doesn’t “live up to” things he really didn’t say.

The OP’s stated religion is Baha’i, which is a Non-Catholic Religion. Let us rejoice that the Holy Father is attracting others to a place such as C.A.F.!!!


I’ve been in a few.

Actually they’re not scary at all. :slight_smile:

I’m sure they will at some point, but Pope Francis can handle it and he will have so many people from other religionz who I think will speak in his support, just as we will.

It is like the Dali Lama, you may not believe what he believes but who cannot love his goodness ans smile.:wink:

I love Pope Francis.

I love me some Pope Francis!:smiley:


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