Pope greets bikies at St Peter's Square [CNAU]

Jun 16, '13 6:00 am
Harley-Davidson motorbike riders paid tribute to Pope Francis who greeted them in St Peter’s Square Sunday.http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/cathnews/RSS/~4/Hl99RNEItRQ


Think he might trade the Popemobile for a Popecycle?:smiley: Or possibly make “Born to be Wild” an entrance antiphon?


A Catholic FB friend of mine posted a link to an article stating that the Holy Father actually blessed the motorcycles. And here I had always thought that a Harley would melt into slag if holy water touched it . . .


The link in the OP doesn’t work. Here’s a link to the story that works:

Well, I’m still too young to ride Harley’s thats for if I get old and if I also slow down.

Interesting note for those who ride. ICON motorsports puts St. Christopher medals in their vests and some of their jackets. It’s not listed on the packaging or on their website. But I found it when I was getting something out of the inside pocket next to the zipper and felt the bulge. It’s in a little dedicated pocket and on a retaining line.

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