Pope has not canceled Christmas - Yahoo!


To my knowledge Catholics founded Christmas. The uproar just seems like some people trying to take a shot against the Church. :shrug:

A lot of the people in the comments section in these types of articles tend to be extremely anti-Catholic.

How ridiculous people will use any excuse to say something bad about the Pope, obviously even resorting to lies… What’s new!!

Christmas as we have it now is a product of the Protestant reformation, Luther decided he had to throw all the saints out the window, the children got crabby with not having St. Nicholas day (real guy, good read I like Saint Nick) St. Nicholas day got combined to Christ’s Mass, add a few hundred years in the Cultural mixing pot, throw in macey’s advertising dollars and wow the humble Christs Mass is a multi-billion dollar industry,

Sometimes I wish the news would just stay out of the Vatican…

It would be much easier to represent the Truth that way. I read a similar article on a different news site, and it was actually really comical and poked fun at people who seriously thought the Pope had canceled Christmas.

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