Pope has set 'cracking pace' for reform, Cardinal Pell reports [CWN]

Pope Francis has “set a cracking pace” in his quest for reform at the Vatican, reports Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia. Cardinal Pell–a member of the 8-cardinal commission …


I am reformed out, I don’t even know what that word means really.

It would be comforting to know what exactly is being reformed and how things are going. But I guess these things are confidential. :shrug:

I know what you mean. Really, didn’t we just go through a “reformation” about 500 years ago? And see how that turned out. What the Church needs instead is a restoration.

But the Church is always in need of (good) reform. The so-called Reformation (as opposed to the Catholic Reformation) however is not true reform, but revolt.


Perhaps, but I don’t see much of it.

no kidding

If you believe some there is no need of reform anyway.

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