Pope heads to Sweden to commemorate Martin Luther

Pope heads to Sweden to commemorate Martin Luther reut.rs/2dTPGcA

My fave Martin Luther quote:

“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”


Prayers for a safe trip.

I look forward to the day when their leaders fly to Rome for the commemoration of the Chair of St. Peter. :smiley: :wink: Prayers for good fruit from this encounter.

It will be a year of significant commemorations - 500 years of difficulties between the two Church denominations, but this is a wonderful start towards repentance and reconciliation from both sides.

My Favorite Quote

Therefore, I now let you know that from now on I shall no longer do you the honor of allowing you—or even an angel from heaven—to judge my teaching or to examine it.

Pretty impressive hubris to make yourself more of an authority then even the angels in heaven. No need for Papal infallibility when you can just make yourself infallible.

Forgive me but I am not impressed by anything related to Martin Luther

We must clear a path for Christian unity! Imagine the glory that will come about when all Christians reunite! It will take time, but it will happen.

We all make mistakes, Redbaron.
We can mend,repair and rebuild relationships with care.
If you think of it,it is about building.Faith is important to persons,we can take our shoes off before entering persons’ souls so as not to hurt with our high heels.
So many persons joyfully share their everyday lives with persons of all creeds. How can we dissect reality like that and smile at each other and next reject encounters like this?
Really,at the end if the day,we cry,we laugh,we suffer and rejoice from our hearts as human beings.
And our differences,we can always talk. …
We are a family travelling in the same boat. Thanks be to God .

Well, as I recall it was the Holy Father who allowed this celebration. :shrug: It was started by the two popes before him, one of whom is a canonized saint. :wink:

It should be noted that Martin Luther would probably have been diagnosed with OCD in today’s point in history. He suffered severe emotional distress both prior to and after his falling out. It could very well have been the driving force behind his choice. OCD is a terrible cross to endure for a lifetime. I have hope that because of this he may have been forgiven in the end and spared from hell.

I do not know and if it was,sorry for that.
I have been in US now for a month you know, and had inconveniences with my car. People stopped,left their schedules aside to help me out. Did they ask if I was Catholic,Hispanic,or whatever? No. They stood in my shoes and lovingly helped me out.
That is who you are as a people too.
This is what I see. Perhaps practical,love can see through many things in practice that we distort in theory,.

Well said, graciew. Welcome to USA.

I don’t see how there can be unity between Roman Catholics and Lutherans when you consider the fact that the Catholic Church cannot attain full reconciliation with the SSPX?

I think they’re aiming at an unofficial unity in which there is enough of a common denominator such that remaining differences don’t matter much. If you call yourself Christian and profess some sort of Trinitarian theology, that’s good enough.

No. That is not the aim…at all.


“You and your apple tree!” – Adam to Eve :wink:

*(quote may not be able to be authenticated due to its antiquity and the state of journalism at that time). *

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