Pope: "I weep" for the Christians crucified in Syria


Nota Bene: This is from The Asian News.

CNN is graphic:

Where are the Crusaders when we need them?


Didn’t one article say there were Christian victims,and the other said the victims were all Muslims?


-I believe it is a mixture of both. There was a report on Vatican Radio (French, I believe it was from April 2014) from a Sister who ran a school in Syria confirming at least two cases of Christians being crucified by extremists for not converting to Islam. I have also seen other reports in which the faith of the victims is not mentioned by one would assume based on other information that the victims were Muslims.
-Not that it really matters, but I think some of the victims were unjustly executed (i.e. murdered) then had their bodies displayed on crosses.


Where’s the censored “civilized” international community? It’s a sad comment on how seriously the international community takes the issue of religious freedom and war crimes that your question even has to be asked.


My sentiments exactly!

Nothing on major news stations. Nothing in my local paper. Nothing on the cable networks.

When asked why “good news” was not regularly reported, a famous journalist once said: “Reported news is news. That’s why normal everyday occurrences, good or bad are not reported on a regular basis. They are just not news.”

So I guess that this world-wide slaughter of Christians is just business as usual. :mad:


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