Pope in a Rosary?

So I do know the significance of each part, though what always comes to my head is when it is a living Pope in the centre piece(or medal) of the Rosary instead of a Pope that is a Saint(Blessed,Ven,SoG etc).

I usually prefer the BVM in it, but I havent really found out the meaning of this modern innovation.

Does anyone have the historical meaning of the design of having a Living Pope in the centre piece(or medal)?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rosary with a living pope on the medal, but one theory I just came up with is maybe it’s there because the neck of the rosary is a customary place to pray for the intentions of the pope. Having his image right there might help remind you.


Rosaries like these… what if its a Pope Emeritus?


I wonder if some are commemorative of an event (say, the papal election) or of an audience with the Pope or if they were blessed by that Pope, etc…

I think those could be good reasons, but in general, I think it is less fitting than more traditional imagery being there.

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I have one with Saint John Paul II. My grandparents got it during his papacy, on a visit to the Vatican. I think it is commemorative. It was blessed by him.


It is simply commemorative. You might wish to remember the Pope in your prayers, use the Pope’s meditations when you pray, think about his papacy doings as they relate to the Holy Mysteries, or if the Pope has blessed the rosary or you got it as a souvenir of the Vatican, then it’s a reminder of that.

One day the Pope will die and you can pray for his canonization, then the rosary will portray a saint.

I would note that the rosary center is a fairly modern invention. Rosaries didn’t used to have one and the paracord and nylon rosaries I often use now just have a knot there because the center weakens the rosary. So it’s not an essential part of your rosary.


I actually bought some in a little shop just outside of St. Peter’s Square as gifts for my RCIA candidates and catechumens that had Pope Francis on the centerpiece.

The centerpiece is the place where you pray a prayer. The centerpiece is not the same as a medal, but it can be like a Miraculous medal. Don’t overthink it. Pray the prayers. Todo bien.

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I’ve seen rosaries on ebay that have had the image of the current Holy Father.

A rosary (the object) is a sacramental and can theoretically be designed in innumerable different ways.

I do too - he visited my country and rosaries were made to commemorate the event. Not blessed by him though.

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Oh wow, a Benedict rosary! I have two St. John Paul 2, but from ‘before’ he became a saint. Wanna trade for one?

Well, Benedict isn’t Pope anymore. Francis is.

Pray for the Pope , Pope Emeritus and your Bishop always.

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I really love your answers guyz!

God bless you all! :smiley:

Often, on the reverse side of the pontiff, there is an image of Our Lady.


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