Pope In The Middle East

I just saw on EWTN, the pope in Jordan. He is the first pope ever to visit a modern mosque in Jordan. First a Malkite Catholic priest spoke for a while, then the Prince of Jordan got up and spoke and I liked most what he said to the pope in respect of the Catholic faith. He of course mentioned the pope’s speech as you recall from two years ago regarding Muslims which became controversial, even though they misunderstood him. The pope is brilliant, a philosopher, and an excellent writer.
The Prince went on to say he acknowledged that the pope IS the successor to St. Peter, that he IS the head of 1.1 Billion Catholics, and that he IS respected by the Muslim world. They were very kind to him and very respectful. He is also going to Israel and Palestine
I thought there was great dialogue. Too bad we all can’t just get along.
I don’t think the countries would accept any Protestant heads (are there any?) so graciously as they did our pope. No offense but because the Protestant religion isn’t the one established by Christ would be my thoughts about it…B]

In the name of Allah , Most Gracious, Most Merciful


I am glad the Pope travels, it’s good to get out and travel, I can’t wait till I can.

well , you can make virtual trips :slight_smile:

Pope Benedict XVI stands next to “The Staff of Moses” during his visit to Mount Nebo.


What is “The Staff of Moses”?

It’s in the Quran …what happened to you Mr. quoting guy :confused:

You mean it is the same one in the picture above :whacky:, if that is the case, then how did Moses carry it, its too big!!!

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The pope had a Mass in a stadium in Jordan, a Muslim country. That is a miracle right there. It was mobbed…I must say, the Muslims treated him exceptionally well. The Prince was educated big time in the Catholic faith, even saying how the Christians/Catholics were there 600 years before the Muslims. He went on to pronounce every Saint as St. Peter, etc…very respectful. He even acknowledged the pope as being the successor to St. Peter by saying so. Gosh, even Protestants don’t know this…go figure.

I found an image of it

It looks like the bronze serpent on the pole, that Moses made.

Yes, it does. But your link doesn’t work. :frowning:

The sculpture was made by the Italian artist Giovanni Fantoni. Here is an article which talks a little about the significance of Mt. Nebo to Christians and Jews (and has a picture of the sculpture), but I would enjoy reading about what significance (if any) Mt. Nebo may have to Muslims.

Isn’t he also going to Israel and the Palestine territories? I fervently pray for his safety. In spite of OTCA’s little comment, I view the Bishop of Rome as an important representative of all Christianity, partuclarly those of us in the west.


Thanks katy_kt & wapsi, now things are clear, its the sculpture of the bronze snake which is mentioned in “Numbers 21:8-9”.

You mean to offend - don’t give us that sanctimonious çrap.

Hi Jon,

Yes, he will be entering into these regions, so I hope all goes well. I’m not so keen on the fact that he is going, but as Pope does he really have a choice? I mean as the representative of our Church it’s only a matter of time that he would visit Jesus’s homeland. I just wish there wasn’t all the ensuing problems that we presently see and hear of, especially in light of the fact that there was a war not so long ago in that region.

No, I absolutely do not mean to offend, it is simply an opinion of mine and I am free to express my opinions. I know it must painfully bother you about the Roman
Pontiff who gets great respect from many countries who truly know the Catholic church as the head of all Christendom, I simply see how the Prince of Jordan knew better than the Protestant faith in how our church came to be. And since you do not believe that Pope Benedict is the successor to St. Peter, the Prince of Jordan acknowledges this to be so. Someone who doesn’t even believe that Christ was the Messiah, he certainly knew there were 1.1 Billion Catholics because he said it, and he knew we Catholics were there 600 years before the Muslims, because he said that too.

When did I ever say that Pope Benedict was not the successor to St. Peter?!?

You assume way too much, OTCA.

I agree with you on that Luke.

** In the name of Allah , the Most Gracious , Ever Merciful **


Palestinians Want Pope against Wall


Coming and going from the Church of Nativity, the Pope will move through a checkpoint in the steel and concrete wall. (Reuters)


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