Pope: Inconsistency of Actions Causes Church Scandal

From the National Catholic Register.


This is it everyone. This is it.

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"We are all sinners, all of us, but we all have the ability to ask for forgiveness,” (Pope Francis) added, highlighting that God “never gets tired of forgiving.”

“Have the humility to ask for forgiveness,” he concluded. “Go forward in life with Christian coherence, with the witness of one who believes in Jesus Christ, who knows that he is a sinner but who has the courage to ask for forgiveness when he makes mistakes” and who is “afraid of giving scandal.”

I love this!

Thank you for the link to the article.

You’re welcome. I am hearing the same words from Pope Francis as I was taught. What a wonderful, simple and to the point teacher he is.


Thanks for the post.

You’re welcome.


Excellent article, thanks for sharing this! :thumbsup:

(However, as with all EWTN articles, ignore the comments. The trolls are coming out.) :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the link. Pope Francis is just the right Pope for this time in our Church history, isn’t he? :smiley:

[SIGN]“Have the humility to ask for forgiveness,” he concluded.[/SIGN]

One of Satan’s tricks is to fill people with pride so they won’t ask for forgiveness.

Praying for humility is a great thing.

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