Pope is preached to On Women(Great)


I am still pretty new here so I am trying to figure out where to put it. I found three places I thought it could go and thought this was appropriate. THis is the Good Friday Homily preached at the Vatican by the very wonderful Preacher to the the Papal Household.

It is excellent and has apects of Apologetics, Spirituality, culture and is just a darn good Homily. A gread read



An excellent read!

It reminds me of what St. Augustine revealed in ‘Confessions’ that where his father could only see the steps his son ought to follow for success in wordly life, it was his mother who tried to steer him through her love to follow a greater path and learn morality.

I always believe that where God has given various gifts and positions of authority to men, it is always women that motivate them and temper and condition and civilize men to be all they can be, whether mothers or wives, it is the woman who posesses the ability to strengthen and empower men with determination and confidence in all that they do.


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